6 Reasons for Hiring a Design Build Firm for Your Remodel

"Southern Hills Super Kitchen" designed and built by The Buckingham Group of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Find out why it pays to consider a firm that offers both services as a package

When you choose to update or remodel your Tulsa Home, there are a broad range of options available. In the basic approach, you hand sketch your ideas on paper and find an individual or general contractor to carry out your design to the extent defined by your sketch. Another option is to hire a designer or architect to create the plan for you and then find a builder to execute the plan. In both of these cases, the responsibility for your remodel lies with more than one party, which often leads to misunderstandings and disappointment.

For one source responsibility and accountability, the answer is to hire a design build remodeling company, that not only designs your remodel but constructs it as well.  The following paragraphs list six advantages to working with a design build home remodeling firm.

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