6 Reasons for Hiring a Design Build Firm for Your Remodel

"Southern Hills Super Kitchen" designed and built by The Buckingham Group of Tulsa, Oklahoma

Find out why it pays to consider a firm that offers both services as a package

When you choose to update or remodel your Tulsa Home, there are a broad range of options available. In the basic approach, you hand sketch your ideas on paper and find an individual or general contractor to carry out your design to the extent defined by your sketch. Another option is to hire a designer or architect to create the plan for you and then find a builder to execute the plan. In both of these cases, the responsibility for your remodel lies with more than one party, which often leads to misunderstandings and disappointment.

For one source responsibility and accountability, the answer is to hire a design build remodeling company, that not only designs your remodel but constructs it as well.  The following paragraphs list six advantages to working with a design build home remodeling firm.

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How a Custom Outdoor Kitchen Provides Inspired Living for a Tulsa Oklahoma Home

A “Four Seasons” Outdoor Kitchen in South Tulsa

This outdoor kitchen was designed for year-round pleasure and the changing seasons. With a back drop of beautiful gardens, trees and a large Koi pond, the covered outdoor living space provides a seamless continuation of this luxurious home into the outdoors. Whether entertaining family and friends or reading the morning news, a favorite book or simply sitting with your furry friend, it can provide a playground of fun and games or moments of quiet solitude. An outdoor fireplace faces comfortable conversation seating and generous dining accommodations. In harmony with the owners’ lifestyle, adjacent activity spaces include an integrated game room, swimming pool and tennis court.


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How to Remodel Your Master Bath


The Buckingham Group takes on a comprehensive design build master bath, bedroom and closet project in this “start to finish” remodel of a 1954 Tulsa home. Enjoy the behind-the-scenes footage including a few surprises, real problem solving methods and killer design ideas you can use.

Enjoy the video! We welcome your comments and invite you to join our blog group.

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A New Video: “20 Ways to Remodel Your Home”

In this three-minute presentation, you will find “before and after” photographs of twenty eye-opening Tulsa area remodels that offer a dramatic change in a variety of living environments. For close to 40-years, we’ve specialized in creating custom spaces for our clients to enjoy for years to come. Our projects cover aging in place, family expansion, children leaving home, technological upgrades, outdoor living and the modernization of kitchens and bathrooms.

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How to Update a 1950’s Ranch Kitchen & Utility Room


Our clients came to The Buckingham Group with specific needs in mind. They both loved to cook. They both loved to entertain. Their kitchen was no longer working for them. They needed more functional prep space and improved traffic flow. They also needed a utility room that would better accommodate their needs during retirement. With this in mind, The Buckingham Group removed the cookie cutter 1980s kitchen & utility room installations. With creative architectural updates, we took this 1950 ranch style home into the 21st century, providing increased functionality and better traffic flow.

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How an Island Became the Key to a Kitchen Remodel


Our empty-nester clients wanted their kitchen remodel to create a hub for the two to hang out in while simultaneously providing an efficient, highly-organized work space for cooking. They also wanted to restore some of the architectural details that were characteristic of their 1928 vintage Florence Park home. And like most couples, they needed a place for everything. This meant being strategic about how every inch of floor space was used and how extra storage would be created.

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5 Steps to Organizing Your Master Closet

“I want to be able to see everything.” “I am not going to live like this anymore.” Sound familiar? Most homeowners, regardless of the size of their house, want organized, accessible storage space in the master bedroom closet.

If the diminishing space crisis has left you feeling more than a little cramped, don’t loose faith, for there are some tried and true solutions for reclaiming usable storage space in your closet. Since you use your closet every day, you will want it to be well organized not only for dressing in the morning, but for your sanity as well. Once you have made a commitment to using organization for optimal space utilization, it is time to undertake a complete evaluation of your requirements, plan your attack and work to obtain maximum use of every inch of space.

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10 Space Saving Solutions for Your Tulsa Home

Do you need to get additional function out of the space in your home? The creative team at The Buckingham Group can design and build space saving concepts into your home that will help it look and feel bigger without enlarging its footprint. Here, for your consideration, are 10 of our favorite ideas for improving the use of space in your home:


1. Home Office – Create a multifunctional space that can serve as both, a home office, library and/or reading room. With a creative design by The Buckingham Group a single room can be multifunctional. It will not only be architecturally pleasing but enjoyable to use.

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3 Concepts That Will Lead You to the Perfect Kitchen Island

Evolution of the Kitchen Island

Historically the kitchen table was the center of all kitchen activities. Growing up on a farm we not only ate at the table, but as a family used it as the place to prepare canned goods for the cold New England winters. My father read the morning and evening paper at the kitchen table. My mother folded clothes on the kitchen table and I did my homework on the kitchen table.

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