10 Creative Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Does your Tulsa, OK, home have a small bathroom that needs to be remodeled? Are you faced with the dilemma that you cannot enlarge the bathroom’s foot print?   The creative reallocation of space and or the use of visual enhancements may provide the answers to your needs. And no one remodels small spaces with big ideas like The Buckingham Group. With years of experience in creative design build remodeling, we are your small bathroom renovation experts.

Here are 10 ideas for remodeling a small bathroom:

  1. Glass – In small bathrooms, glass can be spectacular. Having an open feeling created by glass helps the small bathroom feel roomy. Shower fronts can be made of glass to give the appearance of more room throughout the bathroom. Glass block window inserts can provide an option in the shower that will let in some natural light. Glass between the shower and the vanity can open up the space. Complemented with light, natural colored tile and your bathroom can feel much larger than what it is.
  2. Open Shelving – A savvy trick is to create open shelves, or floating shelves, to display color and texture with fluffy towels and décor. Keeping the shelves light in color will add to the open feeling. Shelves hung high and out of the way will give you a better use of space.
  3. Wall-hung fixtures – A space-saving tip is to buy a wall-hung toilet and sink – the kind that hug the wall rather than use a floor pedestal. These fixtures have less cleaning surfaces, so are easier to clean, and they use up slightly less floor space and feel roomier.
  4. Countertop – To give more breathing space to your bathroom, minimize what you are putting on the vanity counter. If you have personal hygiene products, store them out of sight and keep the counter space as open as possible. A very light touch of greenery or flowers is all the décor your small bathroom needs to feel like a spa.
  5. Compact Fixtures – If your small bathroom is a powder room, a diminutive sink may be all that is needed for common washing needs. Suspended without a heavy cabinet base, your small sink really helps open up the space. Consider a corner sink, a slim-profile sink, a small vessel sink, or other pint-sized products that can get the job done. Using light colors for the sink and countertop can go a long way in visual appeal as well.
  6. Mirrors – Plate glass mirrors can cover an entire wall above a vanity or can be incorporated into decorative frames to add visual interest and an added feeling of spaciousness in the bathroom. In locating a mirror always consider the image that it will be reflecting. Ideally it will be across from a window, reflect the outdoors and give the illusion of the bathroom being part of the adjoining yard. At a minimum, it will visually enhance the feeling of space in the bathroom.
  7. Lighting – Bright lighting will visually enlarge any room. In small bathrooms, a dark corner will compromise the spatial appearance of the room and cast shadows that make the room feel smaller. Use LED bulbs with a rating of 2700K for warm light similar to an incandescent bulb or 4000k for a whiter or fluorescent lighting appearance.
  8. Doors– When the door swings into a bathroom, it effectively takes up a portion of the available floor space and becomes a visual distraction. One of the most effective ways of dealing with doors is to replace a standard hinged door with a pocket door which takes up absolutely no space in the bathroom while still providing needed privacy.
  9. Floor Tiles – Contrary to what may appear to be the logical choice, larger not smaller floor tiles, are the way to go in small bathrooms. When choosing a tile for the floor be sure to avoid tiles that have a busy appearance. The use of larger floor tiles, with simple patterns, will avoid the visual choppy feeling of small tiles and enhance the feeling of openness in the bathroom.
  10. Skylights– If your bathroom is an interior space without windows, a skylight may be an effective means of providing natural light in the bathroom. When natural light comes from above it adds an entire new dimension to the feeling of the bathroom.  You will be pleasantly surprised how light and bright your bathroom will feel with light from above.

These ten tips are just starting points in planning a tasteful, new design for your small bathroom. Your design pro at Buckingham Group will have many more suggestions to get started on creative solutions for your space needs. By the time we’re done, the small bathroom can look fresh and cozy – a place you’ll be excited to show off!



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  1. Thanks for sharing these all creative small bathroom remodeling ideas with us. Wow, this is totally amazing. I love it, so big and open. Great choice of fixtures. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  2. Buckingham Group:

    How much would you charge to remodel my little bathroom? I can furnish the materials.
    – Enlarge three bathroom doors from 24” to 36”, install 36″ x 80″ Eclisse pocket door frames, and three 36″ x 80″ pocket doors.
    – Remove a whirlpool bathtub and not replace tub; save the water and drain connections.
    – Remove and install a new toilet
    – Remove the 1988 shower lined with cultured marble and replace with Arctic White Daltile.
    – Create a barrier-free, roll-in shower in the exact location of the current shower. This will involve lowering the shower floor.
    – Remove and replace tile on the floor and shower. I have a tile layer who can do this.
    – After the work is completed, I will paint the sheetrock walls and trim.

    • Good Afternoon Roberta,
      Thank you for your interest in our Blog. With respect to your questions, we offer turn key design build remodeling solutions within the Tulsa Metro Community. We would be pleased to look at your bathroom and provide a fixed price for it to be remodeled. Unfortunately, for multiple reasons,we do not get involved in projects where other people are supplying materials and or part of the labor for its completion. Should you want to consider our turn key approach as a solution to your remodeling needs we would be happy to visit with you about the same.

  3. Awesome!! Your small bathroom remodel tip. Your post first read my wife and she say me about your bathroom remodel idea. Really I like your tip. Thank you for sharing a useful tip.

  4. These ideas are awesome!! thank you for this blog, I was looking for the same. My small bathroom has become much overfilled because of a lack of space. You have done a great job sharing this article. I have so many ideas for my bathroom now. I really liked it. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing blog. Do keep sharing.

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