10 Outstanding Benefits of Remodeling Your Home

Trying to decide if you should remodel your Tulsa, OK, home or just move and find something better suited? There are a lot of points in favor of keeping your existing home and remodeling it to fit your needs. You have a comfortable routine here, friends and solid relationships with your neighbors. Your kids enjoy their schools. You don’t want to add to your commute. You love your house—it’s charming, just outdated.

Maybe a high-quality design build remodel job is worth considering.   It will allow you to capitalize on these advantages while simultaneously saving yourself the headache and the overall cost of selling, buying and moving. The Buckingham Group is ready to assist you make the most of your existing house with a cost-effective remodel. To help you decide, we’ve compiled our top 10 list of the reasons why you should consider a remodel of your present home.

Check out these top 10 benefits of remodeling your existing house:

1. Floor plan improvement – when the floor plan needs help, our design team knows just what to do to maximize the use of the existing space while simultaneously improving the traffic flow within.  We can create a whole new look with added functionality. Whether it is an improved entryway at the front or reallocation of bedroom space at the rear our new floor plans will optimize the effective use of space within your home.

2. Dream kitchen – one of the first things homeowners think of when they consider remodeling is how to improve the kitchen. We have an abundance of ideas to help design and build an architecturally pleasing and functional kitchen. If you’re stuck in a galley, it’s time to break out of that space and enjoy the freedom of an open kitchen that draws family and friends into the hub of the house.  Visit our “Before and After” photo gallery for a small sampling of our design build abilities in the transformation of kitchens.

3. Storage space expansion – when you’re struggling with clutter because there’s no place to put things, an efficient storage design could be the solution. From adding a kitchen island ripe with storage to streamlining bathrooms to include a tidy storage design, it won’t be long until you’ve got everything organized the way you’ve always wanted it to be.

4. Fix structural flaws – if your aging house is showing signs of sagging, shifting and drooping now is the time to fix those problems. If you sell the house, chances are you’ll have to fix them for the next owner, so why not enjoy the benefits of a professional repair job by Buckingham Group to keep you comfortable in your existing home.

5. Wire for technology – if your house is over 15 years old, it probably isn’t meeting your technology needs. A house remodel can include wiring for charging ports, designing a media room, adding a programmable shower and much more, using cutting-edge technology and a lot of experience from our remodeling team.

6. Add or take away rooms – is it that season in life where you need to house an aging parent, an adult child, or another family member? A room addition would really come in handy. Or are you ready to downsize and would rather have one big master suite instead of two smaller bedrooms? We can make that dream a reality.

7. Garage improvement – a house remodel is the perfect time to make your garage a real asset to the home. Heated flooring, expanded bays, a workshop area and organized storage units are all possibilities with your new remodel project.

8. Office addition – as more and more Americans are working at least part of the time from home, the need for a professional home office is skyrocketing. Add to the value of your house and its usefulness to yourself by converting a seldom-used room into a home office complete with cheerful windows and comfortable work stations.

9. Bathroom update – now is the time to improve the awkward, older bathroom design and take a big step closer to a spa bath. Those outdated fixtures, space-gobbling tub and worn out appliances need to go. Consider instead a bright, open bathroom with energy efficient fixtures and modern conveniences like a heated floor, heated towel rack, hands-free faucet, frameless glass shower and more.

10. Energy conservation – when remodeling your home, you might not even realize the extent of the conservation you will enjoy when it comes to water usage, electrical bills and more. We specialize in green building options and can help you find the best ways to cut your energy usage and to reduce your footprint.

These are only a few of the reasons our clients give for wanting to remodel their existing homes. Increasing the value of your home means updating it and keeping it attractive, inside and out. The Buckingham Group team has the talent and the proven processes in place to get the job done right. To help you with your decision making download our complementary ebook “Should You Remodel or Just Move Calculating the Equation



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  1. It was really great how you said that if the house is suffering from sagging, shifting, or drooping structures, it’s best to get it remodeled and enjoy the benefits because I will still have to do that should I decide to sell my home. That’s a good thing to take note of since my brother was already trying to convince me to remodel the house. He said that adding a few rooms and expanding the storage area necessary. Since I noticed that the house also have a few sagging area especially in the attic, I think that his judgment is correct. Thanks a lot!

  2. I like that you mention how remodeling your home gives you the chance to improve your kitchen and to add or take away rooms, which is useful if you need to house an aging parent, an adult child, or another family member. If you’re thinking about remodeling, it would probably be important to plan out all the home alterations ahead of time with a professional renovation contractor. Working with a professional would be important to know what changes will be best as well as to make sure it’s all done correctly so that you can avoid problems.

  3. My husband and I are thinking about remodeling our master bedroom because we want to create more closet and storage space for our clothes. It is interesting that you say with remodeling you can even take away smaller rooms to create a larger master suite. Because all of our children have moved out, this could be a great option for us to have more space in our master bedroom! Also, the fact that a remodel will help us find ways to conserve energy would help us be more environmentally-friendly and save money on our electrical bills! I will make sure to share these benefits with my husband as we think about remodeling!

  4. It’s awesome that you point out that having your home remodeled can help lower your utility bills. I have been trying to make my home more energy-efficient this year, so I’m considering hiring a contractor to remodel it. I’m going to search in my area for a good remodeling contractor to hire.

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