5 Concepts to Incorporate in a Spa Bath

Looking to add a touch of luxury to your existing home in Tulsa, OK? The expert home remodelers at Buckingham Group would like to recommend the hottest trend in remodeling: expanding your master bathroom into a spa bath.

A spa bath offers instant luxury and relaxation after a long day’s work, and the peaceful ambiance can enhance your health and your life. Hands down, the amenities offered in a spa bathroom pay off not only in quality of life but in value of your home as well.

You may be thinking that your current bathroom is not big enough to remodel into a spa-like bath. A common fix is to expertly steal some space from the master bedroom to expand the bathroom. By reducing the furniture in the bedroom and simplifying storage needs, you won’t miss the space and you may even appreciate a more efficient and uncluttered look in the bedroom. Downsizing in this way is a trend that could have a positive impact on your life.

With the extra space gained from your remodel, you can consider these 5 elements of a luxury spa bath:

  1. Dramatic bathtub

Bathtubs are becoming a customizable showpiece in spa bathrooms. If you have an old tub and have an idea of what you want it to be, our designer will have finishing ideas and more to help you find the bathtub of your dreams.

Japanese soaking tubs, called ofuros, are a leading choice for those who want to relax in the tub. Others may want a Jacuzzi-style tub with jets to create a spa tub. Your designer can incorporate a subtlety or an eye-catching design with the bathtub you choose to bring just the right impression and function to your luxury bath.

  1. Sleek shower

Showers are not small, white plastic boxes anymore. Consider making your shower an extra-large space enclosed in glass for a smaller impact on the room. This sleek, clear design coupled with just the right showerhead or multiple body sprays can elevate your everyday shower experience to new heights of luxury and refreshment.

Tiles in natural hues work very well in a spa bath and leave room for well-placed design features as well. A few well-placed plants or green foliage can complement the glass and the tile’s natural colors and can soften the lines of the shower.

  1. Artistic sink

Double sinks are still very much in style, but unlike the old vanities, options are virtually unlimited for basin sinks, vessel sinks and more. Whatever your taste may be—from country to retro to urban—the sink is a place where you can really be expressive.

The top trend in countertops is to use a gorgeous, dramatic wood and carefully seal it to provide a deep shine and an attractive setting for your choice of artistic sinks. This functional space can be a design centerpiece in your luxury bath. Your Buckingham Group designer will be with you every step of the way in developing the sink design.

  1. Dynamic fixtures

Faucets, shower heads, lights, sconces and more can make or break the design of your spa bath. You will want a unified look that will be eye-catching and complementary of your main elements and colors. Your designer will walk you through these decisions to make sure your style comes through and these functional elements are blended and beautiful.

Technology also has an important part in the design of a modern, luxury bath. When working with your Buckingham Group designer, consider charging ports, programmable showers, music wiring, touch-free faucets, automatic lights and more for a spa that’s wired and ready to go into the future.

  1. Stirring touches

Here’s the place where you can really have fun—aesthetics. When you think of a spa bath, you often see visions of sleek bamboo, dark wood offset by white sinks and walls of natural stone. Extra touches of candles, flowers, plants and specialty tiles can be combined for optimal dramatic effect.

Don’t forget to keep the space uncluttered and open. Spa baths are renowned for their open design and airy feel. Find ways to stash the inevitable bathroom stuff in understated vertical cabinets and drawers.

Your designer will help you use natural lighting when possible to soften the room. You should also consider adding in-floor heating in key areas for the luxury of warm floors on bare feet in the winter. Heated towel racks are easy to add, reasonably priced, and can be a wonderful thing on chilly mornings.

Adding textiles such as thick, white towels rolled up in baskets or nooks, fluffy rugs and attractive tapestries soften the clean lines found in a spa bath and suggest a feeling of refreshment in this space. These simple touches can leave you feeling pampered and relaxed in your newly renovated luxury spa.

All this can be yours.

Your expert designer at Buckingham Group can provide the options for these 5 spa bath elements as well as your master bedroom space remodel that can result in a stunning and inspirational luxury bath. It’s all in the details and no one knows details like Buckingham Group. We know how to treat you right with a luxury bath that will melt your stress away and recharge you for the days ahead.



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