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Tired of your old tile with discolored grout, running faucets and chipped fixtures? If your bathroom is in need of a facelift, The Buckingham Group is ready to bring you a comprehensive line of design build bathroom remodeling services. Our award winning bathroom designs can create the peaceful, personalized space that will help reduce the stress in your life. Our ability to reallocate your floor space for more effective use will create a bathroom that will continue to deliver luxury and style for many years to come while simultaneously increasing the value of your Tulsa, OK, home.

Here are the top 5 trends in bathroom remodeling for you to consider as you develop your plans:

  1. Conservation:

Gallons of water being flushed into the sewer lines with the touch of a finger, shower – heads that use twice the volume of water that is necessary for a shower coupled with incandescent lighting that causes your electric meter to spin out of control are all out of step with today’s bathroom designs. Now, consumers, who have developed an increased environmental awareness, want conservation in their bathrooms. A low flow toilet with dual flush options, a water-and-air mix showerhead, and energy saving LED light fixtures are all popular choices for creating a green bathroom.

Making use of natural lighting mixed with optimum lighting placement is easy to design and integrate with the addition of skylights, windows and/or French doors. For all these ideas and more, The Buckingham Group has the energy efficiency options to help you leave a smaller carbon footprint in our world.

  1. Technology applications

The choices for a wired bathroom are skyrocketing. Now you can choose from docks and speakers for your iPhone, iPad and MP3 player as well as heated towel racks and electrically heated floors. A medicine cabinet with a cooled section allows refreshments, medications and natural beauty products to be preserved. No touch water faucets keep away germs and reduce cleanup. And don’t forget the T.V. and a programmable shower for the ultimate in bathroom luxury.

  1. Clean lines, natural tones

Earth tones are still a very popular choice for tiles and cabinets. Accent colors can really make a statement when backed by neutral colors. Vertical storage and open shelving both offer the clean lines and the storage space that makes an important contribution to your bathroom design.

We’re seeing more of a renewed appreciation of nature being introduced into bathroom design with everything from tiles printed in flower patterns and fern indentations to bamboo accents. From countertops and flooring to bathroom cabinets more people than ever are embracing the soothing affect associated with materials found in nature. Bathrooms are taking on a roomy, airy, spa approach with less components and more open spaces for a restful appearance.

  1. Future profiling

When bathrooms are redesigned, savvy people look ahead to their golden years and to changing needs. Low and/or no profile shower curbs with a smooth drain along with tile that has a bit of grip to it is the first place to start. Where space is available, door less showers can be designed for the ultimate in ease of access. Adding a handrail or two in an inconspicuous place along with a shower seat for future bathing need is easily integrated into a bathroom layout during the design stage of your bathroom remodel

Tubs with wide, comfortable doors or lower profile sides that provide easy access while still retaining style are available from a broad spectrum of manufacturers. Making sure the doors and floor plan are wide enough to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs is another key consideration for the future needs of a home owner.

  1. Luxury features

In keeping with the trend towards creating a spa like environment, an abundance of stimulating air and relaxing soaker tub options are available. These tubs take luxury and relaxation to a new level. Chromo therapy lighting and acoustic vibrations in the tub coupled with a bathroom audio system can be custom tailored for your needs. Expanded showers that are twice the size of a standard shower coupled with multiple shower heads, body sprays, therapeutic lighting, music and programmable features are also skyrocketing in popularity.

The Buckingham Group will bring you the style and features that create the luxury bathroom that you are dreaming about. Our design build option concept for your bathroom will not only create a bathroom within your budget but leave you feeling pampered and refreshed as well



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