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Just the thought of a total home remodel can strike fear into the heart of an average family. Yet, when placed in the hands of a seasoned design build remodeler, that fear can be transformed into an exciting experience. The time frame for a whole home remodel versus an individual room remodel is a journey that potentially, not only changes the appearance of your home, but may structurally alter and or change your lifestyle. Your professional design build team at The Buckingham Group can simplify the systematic progression of a whole house remodel for you. Our objective is to guide you through its development, with advanced planning, so you can enjoy the experience of seeing your old house become new again. Our organized design build process coupled with a team of experts can be just what your family needs to keep you in the home that you love, while satisfying the requirements of your present and future lifestyle.

Things to Consider before you Remodel:

  • Your Needs & Wants – Begin with a wish list of everything you want to change or add and then prioritize the list into two columns, your needs and wants. The first list should contain all of the items that you absolutely must have, while the second list includes those details that would be nice to have, but that you could live without.
  • Your Budget – Inevitably, there will need to be compromises for rarely are ones wish list and budget in perfect harmony with each other. For the average home owner, there are a number of unknown factors that can influence your final investment. These may include, but are not limited to soil conditions, building code restrictions and or requirements and or the retrofitting or upgrading of your existing homes utilities. Our design build team will create a series of exciting options for you to choose from.
  • Your Design – At The Buckingham Group, we have assembled an internal team of experts who work in conjunction with both our field staff and a long term group of seasoned vendors, suppliers and subcontractors to create your final plan. Each specialist involved in your total home remodel, brings their expertise to the table in a joint effort to optimize the development of your final plan.
  • Your Timeline – The timeline for your project can be influenced by a wide variety of circumstances, such as delivery of custom items, the weather, your product selections and the availability of skilled professionals required for both the design and management of your remodel. If you have a particular date that the project must be completed by, we will do everything we can to satisfy these requirements. However, even with the best of intentions and state of the art planning tools, instances can arise that will alter a carefully planned design build remodel.
  • Your Scope of Work – When modernizing or expanding an existing home, the nature of the remodel and rooms involved, can significantly affect your overall investment. A kitchen or bathroom will be more expensive because of the many options available in appliances, countertops, cabinets and plumbing fixtures. As a consequence, the investment in these rooms will be significantly greater than that of a bedroom with four walls, a ceiling and floor. An addition will be more expensive than upgrading an existing space because you are constructing a total new space in lieu of renovating an existing room. The Buckingham Group can help you evaluate your options and provide the most cost-effective route to completion of your whole house remodel.

  • Your Details – While planning your remodel, the details may, on occasion seem overwhelming. But it’s important to take a break and consider what you need to change or incorporate in the planning stage. Details that are defined during planning are less expensive than those incorporated as an afterthought during construction.
  • Eye to the Future – As you think through your whole home remodel, don’t forget to think ahead. Chances are you will likely sell it in the future. Be cautious of adding unusual features that might not enhance resale potential. In addition, consider your advancing and changing needs. Is it possible you might someday need to house an aging parent or an adult child? Should the laundry be located near the bedrooms so you don’t have to climb the stairs with baskets as you age? Is the microwave, mounted up high or down low, going to cause a safety problem later on? Can the garage be partially converted to house your favorite retirement hobby? Short of using a crystal ball, try to anticipate common factors in planning for years of comfort ahead.
  • Your Project Coordinator – As the coordinator of a broad range of diverse activities and resources, The Buckingham Group manages and guides the entire process from start to finish. We begin with a comprehensive review of your needs, create the initial drawings, supervise turning the first shovel of dirt and provide quality control for the final dab of paint. We will be, the go to resource to answer your questions during the entire design build process.

These eight building blocks should help you get your feet wet in the whole home remodeling process. We want to make it easy for you – you don’t have to understand everything about the project, but we do want you to have the right input so your remodeled house is everything you need it to be.


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