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The driving force behind a home remodel is based on a number of factors, amongst which are improving the quality of your life, enhanced home functionality, gaining additional space for a growing family or accommodating needs for multi-generational living. Independent of the reason, remodeling a home represents a significant investment. The Buckingham Group has over forty years in the design and remodeling of homes within the Tulsa market. The Zillow price of the homes we have worked in range from $250,000 to several million dollars.

With this guide, The Buckingham Group helps to take (some of) the hassle and mystery out of the remodeling process. To keep things simple, we’ve only included a range of figures for projects within the Tulsa Metro area that have been completed by The Buckingham Group. Keep in mind that the numbers presented cover a broad spectrum of average remodeling costs for the work required and the materials used for each project. It is important to remember that prices vary based on an extensive list of cost drivers amongst which are material selections, the scope of your plans, the original structure, building codes and more.

So, grab your hard hat and let’s start digging into the heart of the remodeling process.


Typically, a client will start with an expressed interest and budget for remodeling one of the more popular areas of their home, such as a kitchen or master bathroom. Once they’ve started on the remodel, the project scale expands as they upgrade their product selections and/or their wish list extends to other areas of the home. Under these circumstances the original project budget may become lost as their vision of the remodel develops into its final content.

The costs provided in this guide are ballpark ranges and were developed from proprietary design/build projects that have been completed by The Buckingham Group.

Scale & Complexity

The investment made in your remodeling project will depend on its scale and complexity which will vary from home to home. The following paragraphs give a brief introduction to these matters.

Remodeling Complexity:
A remodel’s complexity has a significant impact on the investment required to complete it. The scope of work and the cost of a remodel is dependent on the style of the original home, the age of the home, the quality of the existing construction and more often than not contending with the poor workmanship of previous remodels. Additional details, such as the need for building permits and inspections, termite damage, structural changes, and upgraded or custom materials, can also have an impact on the project cost. The simple fact is that almost every house is to some degree different, and every type of space seems to vary in its makeup. Consequently, almost every project is custom and requires its own specialized level of estimating. The cost to remodel a bathroom or kitchen is going to be higher than other rooms of comparable size, like walk-in closets and small bedrooms. This differential is a by-product of the complexity and intricacy in the selection, ordering, and installation of materials and fixtures. It also factors in the number of specialized craftsmen involved in a project such as tile installers, trim carpenters, plumbers, electricians, drywall installers, painters, etc.

Additional cost drivers include the potential removal of load bearing walls, purchasing of custom trim, plaster vs. drywall, first level remodel vs. second level remodel, type of paint, whether an existing floor is level, how much demolition is necessary and required building permits.


To help you get started on your kitchen remodel, we have compiled a list of average costs for both mid-range and upscale kitchen renovations in the Tulsa metro area.

Kitchen Remodeling Basics

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of the home and represents one of our most popular projects. Consequently, we felt that the kitchen was the natural place to start this guide. Kitchen remodeling isn’t just about a remodel’s appearance, it’s about function and an improved lifestyle.

When planning a kitchen remodel, you need to start with the scope of work based on your budget and wish list. Initial things to consider include the choice of remodeling your kitchen within the existing footprint, adding square footage or moving it entirely. Do you plan to open the kitchen up to an adjoining room? Create a wish list of everything you want from cabinets to appliances, flooring and lighting. Whether you chose a professional grade or mid-range grade of appliances for your kitchen wish list will have significant impact on the cost of your remodel. To assist in the process of information gathering, create an idea book that contains photos of things that you like from cabinets to tile.

Average Total Cost: $75k-$95k
Mid-Range Kitchen Remodels ($75k+)

A mid-range remodel includes updating an outdated kitchen whose size is between 185 and 200-square feet and usually consists of a slight reconfiguration of its layout. Maybe the fridge has always been in an inconvenient part of your kitchen — now is the time to move it! This level of remodel usually includes approximately 30 linear feet of semi-custom prefinished wood cabinetry, a commodity granite countertop, a resilient floor, a standard twin basin stainless steel sink and conventional single-lever pull down faucet.

Appliances include a new energy-efficient range, vented range hood, built-in microwave, dishwasher, garbage disposal and limited custom lighting. New resilient flooring is installed and walls, trim and ceiling are painted.

Upscale Kitchen Remodels ($125k+)
Average Total Cost: $125k-$225k

This remodel typically includes a full reconfiguration of a kitchen with approximately 200-square feet of space potentially including the removal of walls. Custom cabinetry with full extension soft close door and drawer hardware and other elaborate interior accessories are standard. Stone countertops are complemented by imported ceramic or glass tile backsplashes. Built-in refrigerators and freezers, commercial grade cooktops serviced by pot fillers along with twin wall ovens and multi-functional built-in microwaves all constructed from materials of the highest quality round out the appliance package. An upscale remodel may also include a walk-in pantry, an eating bar and a high-end undermount or farm sink with touchless faucet. Flooring is typically hardwood or large format tile.

An upscale kitchen remodel is a larger investment for those who desire top-of-the-line long-term value, convenience and quality of materials.

Bathroom Remodeling Basics

Second only to the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most popular rooms to remodel. With all the moving parts, it’s not only one of the more difficult home improvement projects, but also one of the more expensive ones. There are many variables, including size, extent and difficulty of demolition, ease of access, the number and type of fixtures and the complexity of the tile installation. However, with proper planning, you can keep your budget on track or choose to modify your aspirations to create your bathroom sanctuary.

In this section, you will learn the common features and costs of mid-range, upscale and universal bathroom remodels so you can better prepare and budget for your dream space.

Mid-Range Bathroom Remodels ($32k+)
Average Total Cost: $32k-$65k

A mid-range remodel consists of a slight reconfiguration of the layout, prefinished vanity complete with a solid surface vanity countertop and integral sink are installed. A recessed lighted medicine cabinet is added. The project is completed with a new ceramic tile floor and painted walls, moldings and ceiling.



A mid-range bathroom remodel includes updating an outdated bathroom with overall dimensions of approximately 7 x 10-feet. All fixtures are replaced and a 30 x 60-inch cast iron tub with porcelain finish is installed. It is complemented with a ceramic tile bathtub surround. A new single-lever temperature and pressure balanced bath/shower control valve is added along with a new two-piece toilet and framed shower enclosure.

Upscale Master Bathroom Remodels ($91k+)
Average Total Cost: $91k-$150k

The cost of remodeling an upscale master bathroom is dependent upon a number of important variables with age of the house, size and difficulty in demolition and the scope of your goals being significant drivers.

An upscale master bathroom may include the relocation of fixtures, expansion into an adjoining space, the addition of a free-standing multi-functional tub, heated floors, expansion and relocation of the shower, a frameless shower door and the installation of high-end accessories, faucets and countertops, as well as an upscale tile installation. A compartmentalized commode area with an elongated toilet is installed. Custom cabinets with stone countertops and twin vanities are standard along with upgraded lighting.

Universal Bathroom Remodels ($35k+)
Average Total Cost: $35k-$50k

A universal bathroom remodel is a larger investment for those who are looking to age-in-place through accessible design. Embracing the principles of universal design will ensure that all members of your household, independent of age, size and abilities can conveniently and effectively use your bathroom. Integrating universal design principles into your home increases safety, comfort and value of the home.

This type of remodel may include a full reconfiguration of your bathroom space as well as upgrading your cabinetry, finishes and paints, countertops, and fixtures with new products designed specifically for your safety and/or with unique features to improve the quality of your life such as a curbless shower entry.

Home Additions

Home additions can take on many forms, including first-level build-outs, second-story additions, and attic space conversions. Boosting first-floor square footage with a home addition is usually the most rewarding both from the viewpoint of convenience and financial recovery. A first-floor addition provides needed square footage in an area where a family spends most of their time together. An enlarged eating area, a new family room, a new master suite or den/home office will inevitably make your home more livable and increase its market value, particularly if it currently lacks these spaces. Because a home addition can take on many forms, we have included a range of costs for two of our most popular projects on the following pages.

If you are tired of compromising on space, or if you find yourself endlessly rearranging and reorganizing furniture, this section will provide insight into the factors to consider for an addition.

Master Suite Additions ($125k+)
Average Total Cost: $125k-$250k

A master suite addition is a place to call all your own. It should be your personal sanctuary, a place of casual serenity where you can take a soothing soak, dress or simply relax without any distractions. However, this vision doesn’t come cheap. Master suite additions vary in size and amenities, but often include such luxury items as large personalized bathrooms, elaborate walk-in closets, sophisticated lighting, fireplaces and sitting areas.

Master Bathroom Additions ($100k+ )
Average Total Cost: $100k-$200k

A master bathroom addition, like a master suite addition will vary in cost based on the size and scope of the addition. Master bath additions are typically highly personalized for the owners. Generally, they provide a tub, a separate large shower with twin heads, a frameless clear glass shower surround, dual sinks, generous mirror and countertop space and a private toilet compartment. Other amenities often included are luxury items such as, programable lighting, large scale floor tiles, electrically heated floors and towel warmers. The final design will allow two people to use the room at the same time without having to step over each other while preparing for their workday or personal relaxation.

Costly Mistakes to Avoid

To prevent these and a vast array of other problems that may occur, stay away from low ballpark cost estimates and simple one-page generalized scope of work documents for your home remodel. Take advantage of The Buckingham Group’s state of the art technology by embracing our comprehensive two-dimension floor plans and three-dimensional digital renderings. Read our detailed scope of work documents and plan for your remodel by visiting our internet-based construction scheduling program. With these tools in hand you will have a complete understanding of your remodel before you begin construction and a guarantee of long-term satisfaction after it is completed.

Whether you hire a handyman or a professional remodeling firm, home remodeling projects can take a large bite out of both your budget and time. The following paragraphs provide insight into some of the mistakes to avoid as you plan your remodel.

Incomplete Proposals
The most common mistake a homeowner can make, is to get an incomplete proposal for the work. This inevitably leads to added expenses as the job progresses. The cost of change orders alone for items not included, add to the project expense. Make sure that you pay careful attention to the details of the proposal during the planning phase, since once the job begins the more changes you make the more costly your remodel will become.

Unrealistic Budgets
Homeowners often formulate an unrealistic budget based on what they have seen on television remodeling programs. To avoid this pitfall, research what you want first so you can prepare a preliminary budget. There is nothing more disappointing than envisioning a gorgeous natural stone countertop then having to get a lower-grade one because you ran out of money. A reliable design/build contractor such as The Buckingham Group will be able to assist you with developing a comprehensive plan and a realistic budget.

Choosing Cost over Value
Quality, service, cost. You can only get two of the three and the decision of the two you select is entirely up to you. Choosing cost, over quality and value is a trap that inevitably leads to expensive repairs later on and dissatisfaction with the remodel when it is completed. When you consider your remodel consider the value of a professional firm that will provide you with comprehensive drawings, a complete proposal and a written schedule for construction.

The Buckingham Group Design/Build Remodeling

For one source responsibility and accountability, hire a design/build remodeling company, that not only designs your remodel but constructs it as well. The following paragraphs list several reasons why more and more families in Metro Tulsa are choosing to partner with The Buckingham Group, where the design and construction teams are located under one roof.

When you choose to renovate your Tulsa home, there are a broad spectrum of options available. They range from the homeowner and handyman approach to one where the homeowner engages separate designers and contractors to complete the project. Independent of which of these is used the responsibility for your remodel generally lies with more than one party, potentially leading to misunderstandings and disappointment.

The Buckingham Group Design/Build Remodeling

1. A Team of Professionals that Work Together

At The Buckingham Group, designers, estimators, construction experts and craftsmen are used to working together. You can eliminate a considerable amount of the guesswork and unnecessary push-and-pull dealing with a separate designer and a separate contractor for the same job. We will be with you every step of the process, guiding you from design through construction, to ensure your remodel will be seamless and stress-free.

3. Potential Problems Addressed Before Construction Begins

At The Buckingham Group, we employ project management software that provides high-tech solutions and continuous integrated communication for our clients and all project personnel. Our clients can follow the progress of their project from anywhere they have internet service. No need to reschedule a vacation. The scheduled contractors know when to have product ordered and staff in place to ensure timelines are met. The Buckingham Group has a staff project manager on-site during all critical elements of the job to ensure continued progress and quality outcomes.

2. Accountability

5. Risk Mitigation

With all work for both design and construction being overseen and coordinated by one company, there is no blame game. Accountability for guaranteed satisfaction, from concept to completion of your remodel is always the sole responsibility of The Buckingham Group.

Bringing all elements of the job together under one umbrella promotes cooperation, teamwork, efficiency and staying on budget. At The Buckingham Group, we review the entire project with our estimators, subcontractors and experienced construction staff early in the design phase. Accordingly, everyone is on the same page from project inception to completion. Complex construction issues are taken into account from the start, not after construction begins. Your remodeling project begins with a fixed price for a clearly defined scope of work. There are no hidden costs due to a vague description or incomplete estimate. Scheduled timelines are set in print for each phase of the job with a projected completion date based on the firm’s years of remodeling experience

Consistent Communication

At The Buckingham Group, we carry high-limit liability and workers compensation insurance as well as an umbrella policy to guarantee your interests are totally protected. This ensures that a project does not cause a homeowner, any unexpected concerns from jobsite set up to its completion.

The Buckingham Group Design/Build Remodeling

In summary, the design/build team of The Buckingham Group provides one source responsibility that will formulate solutions for the development and construction of your remodeling project. From concept to completion, our goal is to provide you with the technological and design support that will culminate in creating a space that will be a pleasure to live in for many years to come. For peace of mind during all phases of your project contact The Buckingham Group to start the process of transforming your vision into reality.


The Buckingham Group is an award-winning, design build firm specializing in home remodeling and historic renovations in the Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area. From beginning to end, we provide beautiful design, conscientious construction, and caring management that makes your project an investment in excellence.

If you would like to learn more about how the Buckingham Group can transform your home, please click here to link to our website, “BGTulsa.com”.

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