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Our Experience

Prior to forming The Buckingham Group in 1981, founder and Design Principal Edward Kaplan had experienced a broad range of design build worlds. Initially in his childhood days, it was on the family farm, then in college and finally in the world of commercial construction.

In 1981 Ed’s vision was to create a design company. As a designer, however, he quickly became disenchanted with the roadblocks and challenges that were evident in the typical home remodel of the 80’s. Within a year, he changed his business model from design to design build. He became one of the pioneer remodeling contractors that embraced the concept of one source responsibility, providing client support from design through project completion. Today, The Buckingham Group is a full service design build remodeling firm that offers outstanding craftsmanship, creative architectural services and project management for home remodeling within the Metropolitan Tulsa area.

However, the focus of Ed is broader than just his involvement with The Buckingham Group. He is the past chairman of the City of Tulsa’s Historic Preservation Commission and has been a speaker for two years on Contract Development at the National Kitchen & Bath Associations annual convention. The expertise of both Ed and The Buckingham Group coupled with their civic involvement and contributions to the industry were recognized by The National Association of Home Builders with the National Remodeler of the Month Award for November 2015. The Buckingham Group’s projects have been featured in both regional and national publications.

Find out more about The Buckingham Group by starting with the Before and After Gallery where you will find examples of our ability to transform both the exteriors and interiors of homes into both architecturally pleasing and functional spaces. To get an in-depth understanding of the challenges and the creative results of our work, view a cross section of individual Case Histories which are also found in our website.

Life’s Experiences are the Best Teacher
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Take the Best that exists and make it Better

A gourmet kitchen remodel by The Buckingham Group: representative of the firm’s ability to get greater functionality from floor space for your family’s cooking and gathering spaces. View more photos of this and other projects inside our popular Before and After Gallery.

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We are committed to making our design build remodeling process work for our clients. Our initial meeting is designed for relationship building between the client and The Buckingham Group. If there is a fit, we move on to planning, presentation and pre-construction meetings. During this time our focus is on creating a remodel that is perfectly suited to your tastes and lifestyles.

From design to the successful completion of the job and beyond our commitment is intact through all project phases. For our clients, we are one hundred percent “here today” and “here tomorrow”, guaranteed through our three-year workmanship warranty.

When you choose the Buckingham Group, our focus will be on transforming your home to meet the wants and needs of your family. We are passionate about making your home renovation a pleasant, efficient and rewarding experience.

100% commitment - start to finish
Classic Beauty in South Tulsa

This whole house remodel is one of our favorites. It features timeless design on a large scale with seamless integration both inside and out. The Before and After mages of this home illustrate a jaw dropping transformation.

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In design build remodeling, reliability depends on a team approach from start to finish. It involves the coordination of a group of professionals who systematically develop and construct the finished project. After 38 years in business we have gone through a filtering out process and assembled a team of people who are the very best at their profession. They share our pride in consistently providing high quality workmanship and dedication to each individual project. Our team stands behind their work both during the construction process and after the project is completed. Several of our business partners have served us for over 35 years and others for twenty or more.

It’s all about trust. You can trust The Buckingham Group with your home. The Testimonials Section of our website provides recommendations about our company, its personnel and its methods of operation from clients, suppliers and colleagues in the trades.

Count on it.
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Reallocation of Floor Space

The reallocation of floor space and subsequent installation can "make or break" a home remodel. Photographs of this Southern Hills remodel show a master bathroom design that achieved the Owner’s objective through creative reallocation of floor space. As hundreds of Tulsa families know, you can trust the Buckingham Group with your home. You can follow the construction of this remodel by viewing its video on our website.

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Single Source Responsibility

The Buckingham Group provides clients with a single source of contact for the design and construction of their home remodel. We are committed to insuring the remodeling process works for you. All issues along the stages of design, price and performance spectrums are handled with a team of experts within our firm.

The Buckingham Group provides personal attention to every detail of the job. Once the project starts, instructions to tradesmen and suppliers are provided by our dedicated job site supervisors and or through our Project Management System. We understand that communication is a key element to an outstanding remodeling experience. Consequently, we provide our clients with two convenient ways to effectively follow the course of construction, either by contact with our job site supervisors or through the use of our Project Management System, available via Internet 24 hours per day.

If questions need to be answered or decisions made, our clients only have to contact one source, The Buckingham Group.

Among remodelers, The Buckingham Group was the first Builder Trend Project Management licensee in the Greater Tulsa area. To learn more about this powerful interactive tool for clients, builders, tradesmen and suppliers, view the Builder Trend video on our website.

The buck stops here.
When only the best will do

A Buckingham Group custom designed master closet built to our specifications by one of our local cabinet makers. Technology and automation made for a perfect on-site fit for these beautiful cherry cabinets.

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Defined Scope of Work

Through every step of the design and construction process we rely upon a systematic approach to achieving your objectives. The foundation of our method is to carefully document the details of the existing structure and to review our client’s needs through the use of comprehensive questionnaires and interviews. This information, becomes a roadmap for our in-house team. They use it to calculate how to get your project completed in the most cost and time effective manner.

Our clients are carefully guided through the process of material selection in an effort to introduce them to the best value that will achieve their objectives. Once the client is satisfied, we develop a fixed cost using our proprietary estimating system. We simultaneously create a set of layman oriented specifications that clearly defines the scope of work.

The combination of detailed drawings and specifications provide our clients with a package of information that is more comprehensive than any other firm in the Tulsa Market. As a result, the scope of work for your project is clearly defined before the job starts.

It’s all in the details.
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South Tulsa Elegance

An overhead view shows the beauty of this cast stone fireplace. Upon entering the room, eyes are drawn up the fireplace to the finely crafted wooden ceiling. This stately setting is enjoyed by the homeowners and their guests.

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Fixed Price

We supply detailed specifications and a fixed price contract that clearly defines the scope of work for your remodel. We know that a comprehensive description will help eliminate surprises and misunderstandings later in the building process.

The fixed price model aids our clients in the areas of critical decision making and budgeting.

For more information, view the Our Process section of our website.

Fixed price. It’s the only way we do business.
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Inviting Outdoor Living

Often overlooked, a carefully planned outdoor setting can be used in all seasons.

We feel these upgrades are high value investments. They help homeowners make the most of precious time with family and friends. What could be more valuable than that?

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Value Engineering

Value engineering can lower remodeling costs, but more importantly, we feel it helps our clients evaluate needs and wants related to cost. We maximize your investment by directing you to the best value for your remodeling dollar.

We value engineer your project by providing you with an initial design and contract amount that satisfies the basic functional requirements requested. We then provide you with a variety of enhancements that allow you to upgrade and or improve the aesthetics and or function of your remodel.

Value engineering can lower remodeling costs, but more importantly, we feel it also helps our clients evaluate needs and wants related to cost. We maximize your investment by directing you to the best value for your remodeling dollar.

We offer only suitable combinations of price and quality.

Get more of what you’re remodeling for.

More for your remodeling investment
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Midtown Modern loaded with Amenities

Designed for everyday use and the occasional full house.

This kitchen remodel is impressive. We think you will find the before picture of this kitchen worthy of a quick view.

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Project Management

To find out more about Project Management, view the introductory Project Management video on our website.

The Buckingham Group’s on-site work is scheduled and completed with the least possible disruption to the family’s routine and home activities. Special attention to job site preparation is made through the use of our comprehensive dust control and floor protection plan. We leave the job site broom clean and secure it at the end of each workday so that your home is safe and protected. Upon job completion we provide a final clean up and make the job site “move in ready.

We staff our jobs with an on-site Project Manager who coordinates and optimizes all activities through the use of the Builder Trend construction management system. Cloud-based, it is an efficient way for clients to communicate with the team, archive documents and measure progress.

Respect for our clients and their environment
Spacious Luxury Dressing Area

A luxurious bath along with his and hers closets is located within the master suite. Here is a great place to start each day or to get ready for a night on the town. Cinderella never had it this good.

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Quality Control

We guarantee our quality and keep our commitments through our proprietary quality control program and our detailed written specifications. Cumulatively they are our client’s insurance policy that their remodel will be done properly and without any change in project content. To achieve these milestones, we staff every job with a seasoned group of quality oriented craftsmen whose high degree of competence is enhanced by their interpersonal skills. No other firm surpasses our workmanship or dedication to excellence.

Schedule a Conversation to discuss the importance of quality control in your home remodel.

We know quality control inside and out.
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A Wonderful Transformation

From blah and uninspired to tranquil and inviting, we feel this is an excellent  example of releasing the potential hidden within an existing structure.  To find out more about this project, go to case histories.

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Peace of Mind

When the remodel begins, our experienced and carefully screened job site managers are intimately involved in all job related activities to guarantee your Peace of Mind during the construction phase.

Your Peace of Mind does not end with job completion. We offer responsive customer service not only during the job but after the job is completed. We warrant all of our workmanship for three years and call all clients every six months during the warranty period to correct any quality issues that may have occurred. We also assist in the satisfaction of manufacturers warranties during their entire warranty coverage period.

For an outstanding remodeling experience, that focuses on your personal happiness and project satisfaction you have come to the right firm. To learn more about how the Buckingham Group can provide Peace of Mind while remodeling your home, schedule a conversation or call 918-624-2666

About The Buckingham Group

The Buckingham Group is an award-winning, design build firm specializing in residential remodeling and historic renovations in the Greater Tulsa, Oklahoma area. From beginning to end, we provide beautiful design, conscientious construction, and caring management to insure that your remodel is an investment in excellence.

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A must see, our photo gallery pages contain the popular "before & after" images along with representative examples of our residential design remodel work. As it has been said, "The proof is in the pudding."

- Ed Kaplan, Owner and Design Principal

Within the "Featured Projects" area, you will get a behind the scenes look at some of our favorites. Here, we delve into specific remodeling opportunities and challenges utilizing "before and after" images and video footage to illustrate each unique story.

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Uniquely Qualified

What do you get when you combine old school values and experience with the latest in design, technology and materials?  

Diversity. Dependability. Efficiency. Style.

Our process is both proven and constantly evolving. It's sets the Buckingham Group apart. 

Check out the Our Process pages and see why so many of our clients feel The Buckingham Group is the only way to go in home remodeling. 

More For Your Money 

Value Engineering involves finding one product, installation procedure and/or service, that delivers the same function, measurable performance, warranty and life-cycle cost for replacement as the specified installation, product and or service but at a decreased cost.

We are serious about making the best use of our client's remodeling investment. We will evaluate your home from a number of perspectives to help you get what you want and need.


A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.

Are you a visual person? If so, these galleries were designed for you. Our catalog of images highlights some of our most popular projects; all categorized and indexed for your viewing pleasure. Here, we illustrate home remodeling from top to bottom and inside out. We encourage you to visit these pages as we feel you will get hooked on the Buckingham Group style and versatility.