Remodeled Kitchens

A Systematic Planning Guide

The kitchen is the heart of every home within which the aromas of good food mingle with the laughter of family and friends. From preparing family meals to entertaining, the functionality and design of your kitchen is one of your home’s most important features. Moments in the kitchen crystallize into cherished memories. Moments worth savoring. With a Buckingham Group kitchen such moments can become everyday events.

While decorating shows on TV are fun and inspirational, the real life process of creating a new kitchen takes longer and involves many more “behind the scenes” steps than first meets the eye. In this eBook, the NKBA spells out the eight steps to achieving your dream. 

What do you want to do? Determining your priorities for a new kitchen, and sticking to them, will help you make the best decisions about budget, design, layout and products. This planning guide is yours compliments of The Buckingham Group of Tulsa and NKBA.