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Some traditions are worth revisiting, and The Buckingham Group recommends a closer look at the hearth room. If you’d like a casual spot for the family to gather where the clutter is out of sight, adding on a hearth room might be the answer for your greater Tulsa area home.

Back in colonial times, a family would gather in a small room in front of the kitchen fireplace, which was called the hearth room or the keeping room. Warm and cozy, this room was often the only place to be comfortable in the winter, and families enjoyed many quiet nights together reading, sewing, eating popcorn and playing checkers.

Over the years, the look of the hearth room has evolved, but the location is usually still just off the kitchen. Now, you can find hearth rooms with overstuffed sofas; small desks for the kids, built-in cabinets to hold toys, books, movies and belongings, hobby tables, flat screen TVs with surround sound, popcorn machines and comfortable reading nooks.

Advantages of the hearth room

Children are kept close while you are busy in the kitchen and have their own place to play. Crumbs are kept out of the living room and in the hearth room where the furniture is more durable. Messes are kept out of sight while still allowing lengthy projects to continue. Close friends and relatives are made comfortable while they chat with you as you work in the kitchen. The advantages are as diverse as the look and style of your hearth room.

Where can I put a hearth room?

If you don’t have an existing location, the professionals at the Buckingham Group can help design one. Sometimes a simple kitchen expansion can allow for a sitting area off the side or a sunny nook can be created by borrowing some space from the porch. Occasionally, the living room or dining room has unused space that can be redesigned.

There are other creative ways that we can find space for this cozy parlor that’s sure to become the family’s favorite room. Our certified design team can get to work on a space solution that’s right for you. In the end, you can enjoy the versatility and the casual approach that makes the hearth room easy to create, enjoyable to decorate and fun to use.


Get a free hearth room addition consultation for your Tulsa, OK area home!

To meet with our designer to consider your hearth room addition options, call us today at (918) 624-2666 or email us to schedule a free consultation. Your friends at Buckingham Group are ready to bring the ancient benefits of this traditional space into the 21st century, making your home even more enjoyable for you, your family and your friends.