BEFORE: Overdue for and Upgrade – Wexford – 2013

A less than impressive porch entry and a deteriorating brick porch floor, coupled with a truncated porch roof, detracted from the overall curb appeal of this 1989 home. A combination of brick and rough cedar beams dated the home and buried its full potential.

AFTER: A Gracious Welcome – Wexford – 2013

A budget friendly design build project replaced all cedar beams with hand tooled Limestone. A new porch roof, with a graceful arch was framed. A stamped and stained concrete porch floor, that matches the sidewalk, replaced the deteriorating brick on the floor of the porch. Two dry stack stone pillars are crowned with a graceful arch. A standing seam copper roof was added over the porch for architectural interest.

BEFORE: East View for Consideration – Hudson Meadows – 2019

This large corner lot held outsanding “curb appeal” potential. In fact, this kind of neighborhood lot has become scarce and therefore, is nearly priceless. From the start, we were determined to make the most of this setting for our fortunate homeowners.

AFTER: Corner Lot Curb Appeal – Hudson Meadows – 2019

Right at home in this lovely shaded South Tulsa neighborhood. Upscale neighborhood? Yes, and architecturally diverse. This Buckingham Group remodeled home is a “stand out” among “stand outs” in this peaceful community.

BEFORE: Utilitarian – Hudson Meadows – 2019

Here we found an expressionless east elevation with that unmistakable 80’s vibe. Nothing terribly wrong or right, just potential to be great. At the Buckingham Group, “abounding potential” has fueled our fire for more than forty years.

AFTER: The Large Canvas Completed – Hudson Meadows – 2019

Here’s the payoff. We love to pack up and hand over the keys to a home like this one. As always, nothing is more important to us than happy clients.

BEFORE: 1980’s Style and Structure – Hudson Meadows – 2019

From the top, a disproportioned, expansive roof with triangular shaped protrusions seemed to visually weigh downward on the living areas. To be sure, this home was in need of design continuity here and throughout. We met the challenges head on…

AFTER: South Tulsa Splendor – Hudson Meadows – 2019

A transformation like this one takes a shared vision between us and our clients along with absolute trust, also going both ways. Needless today, this project is one of favorites. 

BEFORE: The Gateway to Blah – Hudson Meadows – 2019

A massive composition roof, a random collection of different size windows outfitted with molded plastic shutters removed any sense of architectural interest in this home. Large brick columns supported a tiny hip roof over the front porch. This roof, in turn, covered the cave like entrance to the home. Overall, this home was totally lacking in curb appeal.

AFTER: Symmetrical Accents – Hudson Meadows – 2019

A new porch with a graceful brick arch now provides a welcoming feeling this home. Two dormers were added to the massive slope of the roof to provide architectural interest. A new front entry door with a glazed circle top arch were incorporated into the design adding both requested privacy and interior lighting. The brick was painted after which new Windsor windows and custom wood shutters were added to the entire home.

BEFORE: Hidden Potential – Hudson Meadows – 2006

Aluminum windows surrounded by rough cedar framing were hidden by overgrown trees and shrubs on the front of this home. A less than impressive deteriorating front door complete with peeling paint provided a creaky welcome to family and friends.

AFTER: Extraordinary Estate – Hudson Meadows – 2006

Enlarged and relocated Pella Architectural Series casement windows were installed. Wilshire Copper Dormers were custom fabricated by Beach Sheet Metal in Sunnyvale, Texas and added to the roof. A new cast stone porch, two patios and cast stone trim were designed into the new face of the home. More than 500,000 lbs. of custom cast stone by Stone Legends were meticulously installed. Landscaping was added as construction was completed.

BEFORE: Patchwork Porch – Hudson Meadows – 2006

The rear of this home was dominated by a leaking flat roof porch and a bank of aluminum framed windows. Direct access to the rear yard was limited to a circuitous route through the kitchen. The floor of the porch was composed of cracked concrete and a random layout of brick pavers.

AFTER: Grandeur with a Splash – Hudson Meadows – 2006

A new hip roof was designed and installed over the porch to allow additional light into the interior. Pella Architectural Series windows and a door were added, providing direct access to the Great Room and its 20’ ceiling. Custom cast stone pillars and crown molding were fabricated by Stone Legends of Dallas Texas. Copper guttering and a new concrete tile roof were added to complete the remodel of the porch.

BEFORE: Bright Future Ahead – Hudson Meadows – 2017

The outdoor kitchen consisted of a Propane fired mobile gas grill which was stored under a low-lying flat leaking roof. It shared space with the pool maintenance equipment in a corner of the rear yard overlooking the in-ground pool. Rarely used, it was more of an eyesore than an appliance that enhanced the entertainment experience.

AFTER: Ready for Entertainment – Hudson Meadows – 2017

A game room and covered entertainment patio were constructed as part of a total remodel of this portion of the home. Housed under a double French Vault ceiling the outdoor kitchen features DCS outdoor appliances. Danver, total stainless-steel cabinets are maintenance free. Pella Architectural Series doors anchor one end of the patio, while cast stone columns from Stone Legends integrate this area into the overall home design.

BEFORE: Poolside Potential – Hudson Meadows – 2017

The leaking flat roof of this covered patio had totally rotted out several of the supporting beams. Complicating the problems of a deteriorating structure was the fact that the 1,000-sf covered patio had been illegally built over a public easement.

AFTER: Bring a Friend – Hudson Meadows – 2017

This covered patio includes and outdoor kitchen, 1,000-sf of entertainment space and seating for up to thirty guests. A double French Vault ceiling is covered with concrete roof tiles. The cast stone floor and columns were custom fabricated by Stone Legends of Dallas Texas. Copper guttering diverts water run-off into an underground collection system.

BEFORE: Undeniably Tudor – Sunset Park – 2005

This 1930 vintage Traditional Tudor home occupies a prominent corner lot in Tulsa’s Maple Ridge neighborhood. Following the remodel of the kitchen and basement we were asked to expand the master bedroom suite on the second floor. The walkout deck over the sunroom provided the airspace and opportunity we were looking for.

AFTER: The Perfect Transformation – Sunset Park – 2005

A new home office, master bathroom and master closet were added to the second story over the sunroom creating an expansive master suite. Three quarries were contacted and became sources for the multi-colored slate roof. As a result, the new and existing roofs are perfect matches. The unique stucco appearance of the second level was duplicated by our stucco subcontractor, who “punched” the fresh stucco with rag wrapped hands.

BEFORE: Easily Overlooked – Wilder Addition – 2015

This home was searching for curb appeal. Its exterior was covered with a combination of composite & vinyl siding. An ill-fitting stamped metal garage door tilted to the west on the crumbling concrete driveway. The front stairs and porch were in a state of disrepair. A flimsy ornamental iron post supported the porch roof. The front door was constructed of molded plastic and the original concrete block stem wall peaked out from behind the shrubs.

AFTER: Colorful Cottage – Wilder Addition – 2015

Simulated cedar shakes replaced the existing jumbled assembly of siding. A new brick paver covered porch and matching stairs were built. For safety, the stairs and porch are electrically heated by a SunTouch outdoor heating system. Dry stacked stone was installed over the concrete blocks, a walnut entry door and overhead garage door overlay were installed, A new driveway outlined with brick pavers was poured with a spot for guest parking.

BEFORE: Neglected and Unused – Patrick Henry – 2015

The concrete patio had been built prior to the area being designated as a flood plain. It consisted of a raised half-moon shaped concrete surface surrounded by a waste high brick wall. Covering the patio was a weather-beaten aluminum patio cover that not only leaked, but also was architecturally incompatible with the existing home. Complicating the issue was the fact that the local brick manufacturer had closed its doors.

AFTER: Invitation to Relaxation – Patrick Henry – 2015

We salvaged existing brick and then lowered the patio to ground level. This created a larger storage area for potential flood waters making the flood plain officials happy. A factory in Indiana, replicated the brick. Using a combination of new & old brick we built columns and walls that perfectly match the existing home. Danver stainless steel cabinets, KitchenAid appliances, a Delta faucet and a granite countertop completed the outdoor kitchen.

BEFORE: Unflattering Façade – Harter’s Second Subdivision – 2008

Deteriorating vinyl siding, molded plastic shutters and single pane glass windows were all targets for replacement on this whole home remodel. Rotting Masonite siding and a broken wooden overhead garage door were removed and replaced on the free-standing garage.

AFTER: Colonial Revival – Harter’s Second Subdivision – 2008

Custom cedar shutters by Timberlane Wood Crafters surround the Windsor divided light replacement windows on this whole home remodel. Fixed Rogue Valley true divided light French doors finish out two walls of the sunroom. Crane-Board foam backed vinyl siding provides added insulation and unifies the front, sides, and rear of the home.

BEFORE: Room for More – Harter’s Second Subdivision – 2008

The deteriorating redwood deck, the poorly constructed family room addition, the rear windows, and the siding on both the home and garage were removed during the demolition phase of the project. This provided a clean slate for a new addition that would tie the free-standing garage into the home.

AFTER: Party Perfect – Harter’s Second Subdivision – 2008

This creative addition integrated the former free-standing garage into the house. The added space allowed us to create a new kitchen with walk in pantry and a new powder room and family room. It also provided direct access to the living room dramatically improving traffic flow. Fixed Rogue Valley doors in the family room look out over the 300ft deep rear yard and the rock lined stream that runs through it.

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