The footprints of the master bathroom and kitchen were small and could not be enlarged without taking space from the adjoining rooms. The kitchen lacked purposeful storage space and a “workable flow.” The bathroom had everything it needed to be functional but was boring and dated. Though restricted in square footage by surrounding walls, our challenge was to ensure both the kitchen and master bathroom, became aesthetically appealing with enhanced function and space.

In the kitchen we placed emphasis on their storage and functional needs down to the last Tupperware lid. Since the countertops were prime real estate, we needed to find hidden homes for both the coffee maker and high-speed blender. We designed a coffee bar with a pull-out tray, pocket doors and outlets in the rear. This allowed the coffee maker to stay plugged in and ready for use behind closed doors. The blender was removed from the countertop and stored neatly on a pull-out tray in a base cabinet. A half wall was removed, and an eating bar added allowing guest to comfortable visit with the cook in the kitchen.   We considered all their cooking and storage needs and revised the kitchen floor plan and cabinetry until we truly found their storage and functional sweet spot. All their spices, appliances, cookbooks and pantry items finally had their own home.

In the bathroom, we worked within the existing walls to incorporate a double vanity, five-foot soaking tub, shower and linen cabinet. To optimize the use of space, we recessed the linen cabinet into the wall gaining 4” of additional depth as we balanced functionality with aesthetics. The preformed acrylic shower enclosure was removed and replaced with a tile shower surround complete with bench. An electrically heated floor extended into the shower providing added comfort. The circle top vinyl window was replaced with a larger glass block window yielding both the privacy and natural light the owners requested. A unique marble was selected for the countertop, shower seat and soaking tub surround. This choice not only satisfied the wife’s need for the master bath to be beautiful but simultaneously quenched her geologist husband’s thirst for a surface of geological interest.

My absolute favorite part of this project was working with the homeowner and their decorator. We all worked as one cohesive team to ensure that the kitchen and master bathroom were not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye but had the functional space they needed. Isn’t that what remodeling is all about? Meeting expectations on more than one level. Talk about a sweet spot!

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