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3 Reasons to Love Recessed Lights and 3 Things to Watch Out For Consider these pros and cons before including can lights in your room design

3 Ways LED Lights Are Better Than EverSee how improved technology has made LED lightbulbs smaller, brighter and more colorful

4 Steps to Home Office Lighting That Works Get the right mix of natural light, task lighting and accent lighting for both productivity and relaxation

5 Common Lighting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Leave dark kitchen counters and poor vanity lighting behind by avoiding these lighting no-nos

5 Layers of a Well-Lit Kitchen Develop a layered lighting plan to help you create a functional, adaptable and illuminated kitchen

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Lighting Temperature for a Room Choosing the correct temperature for a color palette or lighting layer can enhance a project’s look

7 Tips for Better Bathroom Lighting Use these detailed guidelines to avoid common mistakes.

A Designer’s Top 10 Tips for Interior Lighting Consider these things when selecting the location, style and function of your home’s lighting

Bathroom Workbook: How to Get Your Vanity Lighting Right Learn how to illuminate your bathroom mirror so you can put your best face forward each day

Choose the Right Pendant Lights for Your Kitchen Island Get tips on function, style, height and more to get your island lighting scheme on track

Details That Count: Tips for Range Hoods, Appliances and Lighting Learn how to get your microwave height just right, what kind of bar stool will be most comfortable and more

Get the Lighting Right: 8 Mistakes to Avoid See How These Great Interiors Found the Right Lighting Solutions

Get Your Home’s Recessed Lighting Right Learn the formula for how much light a room needs plus how to space downlights, use dimmers and more

How to Add a Skylight or Light Tube New project for a new year: Increase daylight and maybe even your home’s energy efficiency by a room to the sky

How to Choose a Chandelier Learn to pick the right size of chandelier, how high you should hang it and which style is right for you

How to Choose the Right Color Temperature of LED Lightbulb Should you get warm or cool bulbs? To find out, answer these 5 simple questions about how you live and work at home

How to Choose Your Bathroom Vanity Lighting Get tips on sconces, pendants, chandeliers, LEDs and pot lights — and find out where to place them for the best lighting

How to Choose Your Kitchen Lighting An expert reveals what to consider when making your selections and how to create a layered lighting design

How to Get Your Pendant Light Right Find out where to place a hanging light and how high it should be

How to Light Your Bathroom Right Get ready for your close-up in a bath that’s a sanctuary with task, accent, decorative and ambient lighting

How to Get Your Bathroom Vanity Lighting Right Create a successful lighting plan with tips on where to mount fixtures and other design considerations

How to Properly Light Your Kitchen Counters Discover these 6 professional tips for lighting your countertops and other kitchen workspaces

Is Smart Lighting a Smart Choice for You? A professional offers advice on the latest in smart lighting for your home

Lighting: Theory Meets Practice Real-world foot-candle readings shine a light on the importance of recessed fixture size, lamp type, and fixture location

Lighting Tips for Aging Vision As we age, so do our eyes

Put Your Kitchen in a Good Light With a Window Backsplash Get a view or just more sunshine while you’re prepping and cooking, with a glass backsplash front and center

Recessed Kitchen Lighting Reconsidered Evidence-based design brings kitchen lighting out of the shadows

Undercabinet Lighting Dos & Don’ts More on-site light-meter readings lead to evidence-based recommendations for effective undercabinet lighting

What to Know About Bathroom Chandeliers Renovating your bathroom and seeking an elegant look? Find out if a chandelier could work for your space

What to Know About Installing Recessed Lighting Find out what can-light installation costs, how long it takes and what types of lights would work for your home

What’s the Most Important Thing to Know About Recessed Lighting? Recessed lighting is one of the most versatile fixtures in a home, unobtrusive to the overall design and ideal in both modern and traditional interiors.

Your Guide to Common Light Fixtures — and How to Use Them Get to know pot lights, track lights, pendants and more to help you create an organized, layered lighting plan

Your Guide to Perfect Bathroom Vanity Lighting Follow this lighting expert’s list of 9 do’s and don’ts to select the best light fixtures for your bathroom vanity

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