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Remodeling Concepts

Remodeling Concepts

3 Things That Take the Longest During a Remodel If you’re including customized anything in your home, be prepared to wait — and wait some more

3 Things to Do Right After a Remodel You’ve finished your project and are ready to relax. Not so fast. Tackle these maintenance tips before it’s too late

4 Potentially Most Expensive Words in Remodeling While you're at it' often results in change orders that quickly add up

4 Stages of a Remodel: Part 1 – The Honeymoon Phase Prepare for the fast-paced progress of demolition - and the potentially jolting slowdown of structural issues

4 Stages of a Remodel: Part 2 – The Mid-Project Crisis Prepare for the mechanical rough-in stage, and don't worry if things don't look like they're progressing on the surface

4 Stages of a Remodel: Part 3 – The Renewal of Vows In this stage, you'll reconnect with your original vision of your home and finally start seeing it come together

5 Things You Might Learn About Yourself During a Remodel Prepare to find out who you really are — the good, the bad and the ugly

10 Things to Discuss With Your Contractor Before Work Starts Have a meeting a week before hammers and shovels fly to make sure everyone's on the same page

Construction Contracts: What to Know About Estimates vs. Bids Understanding how contractors bill for services can help you keep costs down and your project on track

Dream to Done: How to Build a Renovation Plan to Match Your Budget Work with pros to make sure your renovation hopes and dollars line up

Elevation Capturing a 3-D structure in two dimensions, elevation is an architectural drawing that puts the line of sight on a vertical plane

How Much Does a Remodel Cost, and How Long Does It Take? The 2016 Houzz & Home survey asked 120,000 Houzzers about their renovation projects. Here's what they said

How Much Space You Need (and What to Do if You Don’t Have It) Get tips on providing ample traffic flow through kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms and other areas

How to Read a Floor Plan If a floor plan's myriad lines and arcs have you seeing spots, this easy-to-understand guide is right up your alley

How to Stick to Your Remodeling Goals Avoid getting lost in the sea of remodeling decisions by using these 5 steps as an anchor

How to Work With a Plumber Follow these guidelines, and your plumbing job will flow as smoothly as water through clean pipes

How to Work With a Remodeler Avoid costly mistakes and get exactly the upgrade you want for your home by working with a professional remodeler

How to Work With an Architect Architects blend beauty, function and structural integrity into a breathtaking package. Here's how to get the most from your collaboration

Ice Dam Podcast: What, How, Why, and Prevention A big problem, for roofs in cold climates, but what causes it and how can you fix it?

Inside Houzz: How to Contact a Home Pro and Get Your Project Going When you're ready to begin that remodeling project or landscape design, here's how to contact a pro on Houzz and get started

Key Measurements for the Perfect Garage Get the dimensions that will let you fit one or more cars in your garage, plus storage, mechanical and whatever else you need

Should You Stay or Should You Go for a Remodel? 10 Points to Ponder Consider these renovation realities to help you decide whether to budget for temporary housing

Survive Your Home Remodel: 11 Must-Ask Questions Plan ahead to keep minor hassles from turning into major headaches during an extensive renovation

The Three Bid Myth Hiring the correct design build company

What Grout Color Should You Choose for Your Tile? More than an afterthought, the right grout contributes to your tile scheme by creating a cohesive, eye-catching unit

What It’s Really Like to Live Through a Remodel We offer a few tips for remodeling newbies on what to expect and how to survive the process

What to know Before You Tear Down That Wall Great Home Projects: Opening up a room? Learn who to hire, what it'll cost and how long it will take

What to Look for in a Contractor's Contract 10 basic ingredients for a contract will help pave the way to remodel happiness

Who Should I Hire First: Designer or Remodeler? The age-old-question still remains.

Working With Pros: When a Design Plan Is Right for You Don't want full service but could use some direction on room layout, furnishings and colors? Look to a designer for a plan

Working With Pros: When to Choose Full Design Services Whether you want a single room or a whole house done, the maximum service level means the least work for you

Working With Pros: When You Just Need a Little Design Guidance Save money and enjoy DIY satisfaction with a design consultation for the big picture or specific details

Your Complete Guide to Building Permits Learn about permit requirements, the submittal process, final inspection and more

Your Guide to a Smooth-Running Construction Project How to save time, money and your sanity when building new or remodeling