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"The driving force behind a home remodel is based on a number of factors, amongst which are improving the quality of your life, enhanced home functionality, gaining additional space for a growing family or accommodating needs for multi-generational living."


"While decorating shows on TV are fun and inspirational, the real life process of creating a new kitchen takes longer and involves many more “behind the scenes” steps than first meets the eye. Here, the NKBA spells out the eight steps to achieving your dream."


"Modernizing your bathroom makes your home more convenient, appealing and more functional. Perhaps you’d prefer a tiled walk-in shower with doorless entry? If you need more storage, better lighting, or need to change your bathroom to accommodate your changing needs..."


"Throw out the old boxy look and open up the interior by removing walls for an instant open concept floor plan. You will be surprised at how much everyone loves the way traffic flows in your home for outstanding social interchange with family and friends."


"The number of variables that you must factor into the remodel or move equation are almost limitless. The purpose of this paper is to present two hypothetical examples of changing needs that we have encountered, and then provide a list of factors that will assist you..."


"A key phase in selecting a remodeling firm is one in which you obtain answers to several basic questions. Their contents, as outlined below, are designed to help you formulate a general picture of the overall makeup and processes employed by the company."


"The Buckingham Group has offered design/build remodeling services since 1981. We have worked with over 4,000 homeowners in Metropolitan Tulsa who have sought out our unique combination of technical expertise and creative design solutions."


"With a single source of responsibility, our design build team will create a remodeling plan that is clearly defined by you, our valued homeowner It’s an all-inclusive experience, and it will be worth it because you will know exactly what you’re getting."


"Value Engineering involves finding one product, installation procedure and/or service, that delivers the same function, measurable performance, warranty and life-cycle cost for replacement as the specified installation, product and or service but at a decreased cost."