5 Key Concepts for a Great Media Room

10321 S. Braden Ave., Tulsa, OK 74137

This media room is directly accessible from the kitchen via the stairway and the family room that adjoins it to the left. Encompassing a large area, it has the space to contain fixed tiered seating for its use as a theater. Social gatherings can be held at the adjoining bar, while games can be played on either the flat screen TV or the game table. With the press of a button, black out curtains close, lights are dimmed and a total theater environment is created through the whole house automation system.

Theater Room to Media Room Transformation:

For years, home owners felt that creation of an entertainment space meant taking an underutilized area of the house and then converting it into a dedicated home theater. But times have changed. We now recognize that the idea of constructing a room whose sole function is dedicated to viewing movies, may not be the best use of space in a home. Rarely, does a dedicated home theater encompass a family’s overall life style. On the other hand, a custom designed multi-purpose media room can provide the ticket to a family focused entertainment space for movies, gaming and more.

The Buckingham Group has the experience to design and construct cost effective media rooms where families can comfortably reconnect after a busy day. We will scale your media room to meet your specific needs by optimizing its design in the early planning stages. A thoughtfully designed media room by The Buckingham Group will embrace strategic space planning that will optimize the flexibility of the room’s use. It will become a social experience center where friends can congregate to watch the big game, families gather to watch a movie, or be party central when guests arrive.

11128 S. Hudson Ave., Tulsa, OK 74137

This multi-functional media room adjoins the kitchen and incorporates a large flat screen TV, not shown, on the wall to the right of the couch. What appears to be a large coffee table with a padded top, divides up into four individual seating units each of which is on wheels, to provide additional seating for four. Games are cleverly hidden within each of the four units beneath their cushioned tops.

Determining the Location of Your Media Room:

Before you head to the attic or even a basement, the facts are, that the prime location for a media room should be a family room, den or other space which adjoins the kitchen. By locating your media room within close proximity to the kitchen or another family gathering place you will be able to keep both family and your friend’s closer during the room’s activities. The Buckingham Group will evaluate your home to locate the perfect spot for the media room. Once the space is located we will incorporate the technology and crucial interior design concepts necessary to create a media room that’s right for you. The end result will be a design that provides a fully functional and comfortable environment that enables you to tune into the evening news as well as provide a location for everyday entertainment. The Buckingham Group incorporates the following key concepts in the design of your media room.

11128 S. Hudson Ave., Tulsa, OK 74137

This media room adjoins the kitchen. A flat screen TV and the associated audio video controls are housed within an armoire that was modified by The Buckingham Group. Surround sound is built into the ceiling. Lighting scenes for individual activities are controlled by a Lutron Graphic Eye control system which is part of the overall home automation system.

Key Elements to Incorporate in Your Media Room:

1.Viewing – Whether you are streaming from the internet, prefer a giant-screen T.V. or a video projector, the type of viewing screen you desire must be determined in advance. If you’re intrigued by the hot trend of 3D screens, you’ll need plenty of space since they start at 40” and increase in size from that point on up to 90”. Placement of the screen will need to be exact. While many people are choosing to mount a screen above the fireplace, this is actually a bit too high for comfortable viewing. The staff of The Buckingham Group will be able to help you connect with the right technology and the best screen location.

2. Sound Technology – Whether you are watching a movie, live streaming from the internet or listening to music, you’ll appreciate a great sound system in your media room. Independent of the source, there’s still wiring that will need to be done, and The Buckingham Group can wire the room correctly and maintain a clean profile for aesthetics. Before long, you’ll be enjoying the elevated level of surround sound that really brings your entertainment pleasure to life.

3. Lighting – A properly designed media room, will become the most lived in area of your home. Having the proper lighting is essential to accommodate the wide range of activities that will take place. Each one, will inevitably call for specific light settings to optimize your visual comfort during game playing, watching a movie or simply socializing. You will want the flexibility to change the level of lights to insure your eyes aren’t strained, independent of how the room is being used. The right level of lighting will set the mood for the room, make sure the screen is visible without glare and guarantee that games can be played without compromising an individual’s abilities due to poor lighting. We incorporate, dimmer controlled recessed LED lights and insure that all lights have the same color rendering as well as a warm (2700K) color temperature. Where budgeting is not a constraint, indirect soffit lighting, complete with the ability to set the appropriate scene for an activity with the simple touch of a button or by voice control adds another bonus to the flexibility of the room.

4. Seating – Planning for comfortable seating means making sure everyone is facing the screen without having to have their heads turned sideways. You will want seating that integrates well with the room. One option is a sectional couch, while another approach might incorporate multiple love seats for extra seating. Supplemental seating can be created by adding, comfortable easy chairs. Initially the chairs may face each other to create a conversation area. Yet when the room is used as a theater, they should be easily moved around for additional theater seating. To round out the seating needs of the room, you will need gaming chairs to accommodate events when game playing is the main focus of the room.

5. Storage – A beautiful viewing area with comfy flexible seating and a multi-purpose game table represents a significant portion of the media room puzzle. Providing enough storage in the media room represents both a challenge and a balancing act. For basic viewing requirements, you need a place to store the electronics and the wiring that connects the same. When the room is being built from scratch, the wiring can be hidden in the walls. If you are creating your media room out of an existing space consideration can be given to placing your electronics in an existing storage closet or in a specifically designed ventilated media cabinet. If your budget allows, The Buckingham Group can design and construct a custom built-in media wall to provide an organized area for your media components while simultaneously creating needed storage space for movies, games and other elements that will be used in your media room.

11128 S. Hudson Ave., Tulsa, OK 74137

This media room was designed and constructed by The Buckingham Group from a two-car garage. It is accessible from the pool and the adjoining family room. It incorporates a wet bar and game tables for social gatherings. A retractable screen drops down from the soffit covering the bookcases. A movie projector drops from the ceiling converting the space into a full-blown home theater. Audio video components and game storage are incorporated into the custom audio video wall.

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