6 Reasons for Hiring a Design Build Firm

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by Ed Kaplan

Find out why it pays to consider a firm that offers both services as a package.

When you choose to update or remodel your Tulsa Home, there are a broad range of options available. In the basic approach, you hand sketch your ideas on paper and find an individual or general contractor to carry out your design to the extent defined by your sketch. Another option is to hire a designer or architect to create the plan for you and then find a builder to execute the plan. In both of these cases, the responsibility for your remodel lies with more than one party, which often leads to misunderstandings and disappointment.

For one source responsibility and accountability, the answer is to hire a design build remodeling company, that not only designs your remodel but constructs it as well. The following paragraphs list six advantages to working with a design build home remodeling firm.

1. A Team of Professionals that Work Together

The designers, estimators, construction experts and craftsmen are used to working together. These long-term relationships say two very important things about the design build firm. It is here to stay and has a stable, dependable work force.
You can eliminate a considerable amount of the guesswork and unnecessary push-and-pull dealing with a separate designer and a separate contractor for the same job. An established design build firm is with you every step of the process, guiding you from design through construction, to ensure your remodel will be seamless and stress free.

2. Accountability

With all work for both design and construction being overseen and coordinated by one company, there is no blame game. Accountability for guaranteed customer satisfaction from concept to completion of your remodel is always the sole responsibility of the design build firm.

3. Potential Problems Addressed Before Construction Begins

Bringing all elements of the job together under one umbrella promotes cooperation, team work, efficiency and staying on budget. Design build firms, typically review the entire project with their estimators and experienced construction staff early in the design phase. Accordingly, everyone is on the same page from project inception to completion. Complex construction issues are taken into account from the start, not after construction begins. Your remodeling project begins with a fixed price for a clearly defined scope of work. There are no hidden costs due to a vague description or incomplete estimate. Scheduled timelines are set in print for each phase of the job with a projected completion date based on the firm’s years of remodeling experience.

6766 S. Evanston Ave., Tulsa, OK 74136

4. Consistent Communication

Design build firms typically employ project management software that provides hi tech solutions and continuous integrated communication for their clients and all project personnel. Clients of design build firms can typically follow the progress of their project from anywhere they have internet service. No need to reschedule a vacation. The scheduled contractors know when to have product ordered and staff in place to ensure timelines are met. The Buckingham Group has a staff project manager onsite during all critical elements of the job to ensure continued progress and quality outcomes.

5. Risk Mitigation

A well-run design build firm carries high limit liability and workers compensation insurance as well as an umbrella policy to guarantee that their client’s interests are totally protected. This ensures that a project does not cause a homeowner, any unexpected concerns from job site set up to its completion.


6. A Quality Project for an Improved Quality of Life

Design build teams provide one source responsibility that formulate solutions for the development and construction of a remodeling project. From concept to completion, their goal is to provide you with the technological and design support that will culminate in creating a space that will be a pleasure to live in for many years to come. With thirty-eight years as a construction specialist in the home remodeling industry, The Buckingham Group will provide you peace of mind during all phases of your project. Contact us to start the process of transforming your remodel into the space of Your Dreams.

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