9 Bathroom Design Trends

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His and her vanities surround a Kohler cast iron whirlpool in this master bathroom. The Euro style frameless cabinets are finished with ten coats of Dupont Automotive Lacquer. Jaclo Faucets and a Kohler cast iron whirlpool are mounted on a cantilevered platform that gives the illusion of the tub being suspended in space. A cathedral ceiling with Velux Skylights provide a tranquil environment for an evening soak under the stars.

by Ed Kaplan

Do you remember when the hottest bathroom features were gold-plated swan faucets? Those days are long gone and best forgotten, and other design excesses of the time, including pink marble heart-shaped soaking tubs, are now equally laughable.

Today’s baths — from expansive spa-like master retreats to the tiniest powder rooms — are apt to be sleek and serviceable, as soothing as they are beautiful.

If you’re thinking about modernizing, here are the top 9 design trends for 2020.

Embrace Modern Minimalism

Today’s best bathrooms are simple and clutter-free. They rely on innovative space utilization, functional design, sustainable beauty and easy-care, durable materials. The trend is toward restorative space in the bath, and it’s not difficult to achieve spa-like ambience. Today’s bath spaces are clutter-free, calming and purposeful. And they are easy to love!

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Custom Brazilian Mahogany cabinets support the solid surface counter tops in her side of this spacious master bathroom. The row of tall wall cabinets provides generous storage for linens and towels. A frameless shower door provides access to the master shower.

Become a Master Illusionist

It’s true that contemporary homes are shrinking. But that doesn’t mean a bathroom must be cramped, institutional or unwelcoming. Rather than zoning the bath space into separate areas for bathing and grooming, open it up with clear glass, single-level design and abundant light. It’s a principle that European designers have mastered beautifully. It’s also a way to ensure that small bathrooms feel as spacious as possible.

Innovate with New Finishes

Shiny tile and polished metal were once the height of stylish bath decor, but today’s trendy design pivots toward subtle matte finishes, neutral colors and easy-care brushed metallics. They require less upkeep (no fingerprints to polish away!) and are more forgiving when it comes to water spots and stains. Even dust seems less apparent on these more natural finishes.

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    A Brazilian Mahogany linen cabinet provides storage space for towels and linens in this master bathroom. An exterior door provides direct access to the backyard patio and pool. The master shower walls are covered with Carrara marble subway tile. The outside walls are enclosed with a combination of a frameless glass shower surround and Carrara marble. The absolute black granite countertop supports a Kohler vessel sink on his side of this high-end bathroom.

    Minimize Maintenance

    Grout joints that stain and crack are the bane of a homeowner’s existence, and it takes a lot of time and effort to keep grout joints around smaller tiles looking fresh. Today, savvy designers specify larger natural stone tiles, set without grout joints for a more serene appearance and carefree upkeep. Laminated seamless panels can simulate tile or natural stone; they represent a cost-effective alternative. Shower enclosures and tub surrounds with sensible seamless design are the design giants on the current scene, offering good looks and great value.

    107 Chandler Dr., Sand Springs, OK 74063

    A custom frameless door and enclosure by Rogers Glass encloses the master shower. The walls are covered with full body porcelain tiles from Interceramic. A combination of a Kohler fixed shower head and personal shower provide a choice of showering. The heated shower seat capped with an Alaska White Granite slab provides a place to relax while enjoying the soft spray of warm water.

    Bring Nature Indoors

    Natural light and plants are not only refreshing and energizing, but also health-giving. Gain light and fresh air with an opening window or brighten your space with a skylight. Boost air quality with a plant wall or hanging baskets of greenery. Flowering plants add color and are mood-boosters. They will thrive in a bathroom’s humid atmosphere. If privacy is a concern, use frosted or opaque glass or install remote-operated window blinds

    Banish Boring
    The variety of finishing materials now available is nothing short of astounding. Let your individuality shine. Use color and art — whether in tile or design, to personalize this most personal space in the home. Our design consultants will help you choose fixtures and faucets that will integrate well with your home’s architecture and decor and still make you smile every time you enter the bath.

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    This Bain Ultra air tub is filled with a Kohler floor mounted tub filler. Characterized by its many programable luxury features the user is able to activate stimulating air jets, Chromo-Therapy lighting and or Vibra Acoustic treatments all while relaxing in the tub. Release your imagination and focus on how you would like to either start or end your day in this master bathroom air tub.

    Classic vs Trendy

    Even though white bathroom fixtures will never go out of style, you can add interest in other ways. Freestanding tubs are both practical and exciting if you have the space. Unique vanity cabinets or wall-hung vanities are both charming and unusual. Motion-controlled faucets are unique and hygienic. Heated towel racks and radiant floor heating are luxurious. Check out the possibilities. Your new or renovated bathroom should truly reflect your preferences, whether they’re totally practical or a bit quirky!

    The contemporary high gloss acrylic cabinets end at the Acme Building Brands IBP glass block shower enclosure. This large door-less shower is divided into two sections, the wet or bathing section which is complete with Kohler built in body sprays and fixed and personal shower heads. The drying area is curb-less for ease of access. It is outfitted with infrared heaters in the ceiling and a sitting bench with a Blue Pearl granite seat.

    Storage Rules
    Every bathroom requires storage space for the necessities of life. Freestanding floor-to-ceiling cabinets, built-in shower niches, between-the-studs open shelving and contemporary back-lit mirror cabinets with space for cosmetics and grooming supplies are readily available and can make all the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

    Simplify and Save
    We at The Buckingham Group in Tulsa fully understand that homeowners have options, including some not-too-difficult DIY choices. But we hope you’ll consider the benefits of professional design assistance and construction expertise to achieve your design goals in 2020. Let us help bring your ideas to life.

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