For many of us, the hunt for additional square footage in our home never stops. Independent of whether you need another bedroom or just additional living space, there is definite value to adding an extra room. If you can not build an addition onto your home, you may be able to find all of the extra space you need within your current home’s floor plan through an attic space conversion. Explore this gallery to see examples of how attic spaces were transformed into useable space by The Buckingham Group.

A Sound Solution Hudson Meadows 2005
This custom home theater has sound traps in both corners and features extensive acoustical treatment in the walls, ceiling and floor. These have been engineered to completely isolate it from the surrounding living space. The theater includes custom speakers, a Lutron Radio RA total home control system, tiered seating, custom carpeting, LED Lighting, and an acoustically transparent screen.

South Tulsa Attic Transformation Braeswood 2022
The homeowners asked for a multimedia library for their expansive book collection, photographs, media components and original art. We designed this tranquil, skylighted setting to store and conveniently recall a lifetime of memories. Abundant built-in cabinets and book shelves get the job done with style and no clutter.

Built-in Media Components Cabinet Braeswood 2022
Automatic LED lighting and interior ventilation keep the equipment cool and protected while forward sliding shelves allow for easy access to plugins, cables and controls. This configuration is a pleasure to use and easily tucked away.

Built-in Bookshelves Braeswood 2022
The homeowners’ library spans the length of the north wall. Neat and convenient.

Improve Your Quality of Life.

A well conceived home remodel can improve your quality of life on numerous levels through space expansion and alocation, aesthetics, task area efficiencies and openness… with plenty of room for all. An overall sense of peace and contentment often permeates these design/built spaces for work, study, play, relaxation and so many of life’s daily experiences. Found within this publication, are photographic illustrations and descriptions of “better living” possibilities for your home that can last a lifetime and beyond. 

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Here’s to Your Health Graystone 2009
This attic space was converted into a well-equipped exercise room that contains state of the art equipment. Surround sound complete with a wall mounted flat screen TV enhances the exercise experience. The double doored closet was installed to house the relocated gas hot water heater and furnace. Storage space was built into every available location during the design and construction of this attic space conversion.

Best Seats in the House Graystone 2009
Custom tiered seating with theater step lights accenting the way to the elevated platform are some of the features that make this attic space conversion a special entertainment environment. A Lutron Radio RA home automation system triggers a sequence of events leading to “show time” at the touch of one button. All lighting and operational controls in the media room are integrated into a whole house smart system.

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