1927 S. Gary Ave., Tulsa, OK 74104

Angled Elegance
The uniquely shaped center island is the key design element in this new floor plan. An abundance of standard overlay cabinets doubled the storage for this kitchen

1927 S. Gary Ave., Tulsa, OK 74104

Cramped to Cozy
Cramped became cozy in this simple but elegant kitchen for two. Antique brick subway tile covers the backsplash. Re-arrangement of floor space doubled cabinet storage.

Storage from the Top Down and All Around
Our clients envisioned their kitchen remodel creating a hub for the two to hang out in while simultaneously providing an efficient, highly organized work space for cooking. And like most couples, they needed a place for everything. This meant being strategic about how every inch of floor space was used and how extra storage would be created. This shallow depth cabinet provides an excellent example of how a 1-ft deep area was used for storage.

Secret Spice Space
The proper storage of spices is a chronic problem in kitchens. Most consumers rely upon what appear to be well-designed storage cabinets that did not have the flexibility to accommodate spice containers of different sizes. The Buckingham Group provides end-cabinet storage with adjustable shelves that will organize the storage of up to 120 different spices.

Small Spaces Really Add Up
This convenient built-in shelving provides ample storage for vinegars and cooking oils. Located directly opposite the cooking surface it was designed to accommodate a code compliant duplex outlet and singular shelf.

The Pet Station
Like most couples, our client needed a place for everything. This meant being strategic about how every inch of floor space was used and how extra storage would be created. Designed for living big in a small space this kitchen is an urban oasis. Traditional partial overlay cabinets by Woodstock Cabinets of Tulsa, Oklahoma conceals a pet feeding center.

Two flip top 35-qt Rev-A-Shelf waste containers were adapted for storage of dry dog food. Mounted on full extension undermount soft close drawer hardware they provided both ease of access and an abundance of capacity for the owners’ dogs favorite foods.

…and Serve
Taking advantage of available toe-kick space we designed a pull-out assembly for the dogs’ dry food and water bowl. Located directly below the food storage containers it provides a central location for both feeding and storage of dog food. Complete with full extension guides and a ball-catch mechanism for stabilization this creative assembly takes advantage of previously unused space in the kitchen.

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