South Tulsa High Capacity Outdoor Kitchen
Whether you are relatively new to outdoor cooking or an old hand, you’ll appreciate the abundance of features and the scale of this outdoor kitchen. The layout was designed to handle a variety of tasks such as breakfast, burgers and full course meals. Here, large groups and multifamily occasions are comfortable and easily served. Matching stainless range hoods provide ventilation and maintain fresh airflow throughout. A full roof protects both the kitchen and dining areas. And, when needed, the entire space can be “bug-proofed” by lowering remote controlled screens.

Cozy Corner Outdoor Fireplace 
With views of the pool and the grounds, this fireplace is a perfect spot for recharging during an active day. A beverage and good conversation while watching the children at play is but one of the many utilizations of this popular corner.

Outdoor Spiral Stairway Connection
Eye catching by design, this stairway seems to invite guests to venture upward.

The Upper Deck
This spacious deck offers unobstructed views of the grounds and activities below. We really like the “open-air” feel of this large multifunctional area

Spectacular Star Gazing
As night begins to fall, the architectural lines of the upper deck are accentuated with LED surround lighting. Beautiful views of the night sky will soon follow.

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