Remodeling Tulsa Homes for More than 40 Years

Edward Kaplan will bring a wealth of remodeling knowledge and experience to your home. You will find his design and engineering insights invaluable over the term of your remodeling project. And, with his many years in the business, he runs every construction site with efficiency and precision. Respect for his client’s environment has been, and always will be, at the heart of The Buckingham Group business model. Mr. Kaplan does not view remodeling as a job. It is his life’s work. He likes to say, “It’s in my DNA.” His contagious enthusiasm has spread throughout his organization, out to his business associates and on to his clients. Schedule a Conversation

Our Process – Key Features & Benefits

Our Experience

Life’s Experiences are the Best Teacher

Prior to forming The Buckingham Group in 1981, founder and Design Principal Edward Kaplan had experienced a broad range of “design build” worlds. Initially in his childhood days, it was on the family farm, then in college and finally in the world of commercial construction.

In 1981 Ed’s vision was to create a design company. As a designer, however, he quickly became disenchanted with the roadblocks and challenges that were evident in the typical home remodel of the 80’s. Within a year, he changed his business model from design to design build. He became one of the pioneer remodeling contractors that embraced the concept of one source responsibility, providing client support from design through project completion. Today, The Buckingham Group is a full service design build remodeling firm that offers outstanding craftsmanship, creative architectural services and project management for home remodeling within the Metropolitan Tulsa area.

However, the focus of Ed is broader than just his involvement with The Buckingham Group. He is the past chairman of the City of Tulsa’s Historic Preservation Commission and has been a speaker for two years on Contract Development at the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s annual convention. The expertise of both Ed and The Buckingham Group coupled with their civic involvement and contributions to the industry were recognized by The National Association of Home Builders with the National Remodeler of the Month Award for November 2015. The Buckingham Group’s projects have been featured in both regional and national publications.


100% commitment – start to finish

We are committed to making our design build remodeling process work for our clients. Our initial meeting is designed for relationship building between the client and The Buckingham Group. If there is a fit, we move on to planning, presentation and pre-construction meetings. During this time our focus is on creating a remodel that is perfectly suited to your tastes and lifestyles.

From design to the successful completion of the job and beyond, our commitment is intact through all project phases. For our clients, we are one hundred percent “here today” and “here tomorrow”, guaranteed through our three-year workmanship warranty.

When you choose The Buckingham Group, our focus will be on transforming your home to meet the wants and needs of your family. We are passionate about making your home renovation a pleasant, efficient and rewarding experience.


In design build remodeling, reliability depends on a team approach from start to finish. It involves the coordination of a group of professionals who systematically develop and construct the finished project. After 40 years in business we have gone through a filtering out process and assembled a team of people who are the very best at their profession. They share our pride in consistently providing high quality workmanship and dedication to each individual project. Our team stands behind their work both during the construction process and after the project is completed. Several of our business partners have served us for over 35 years and others for twenty or more.

It’s all about trust. You can trust The Buckingham Group with your home. The Testimonials section of our website provides recommendations about our company, its personnel and its methods of operation from clients, suppliers and colleagues in the trades.

Single Source Responsibility

The Buckingham Group provides clients with a single source of contact for the design and construction of their home remodel. We are committed to insuring the remodeling process works for you. All issues along the stages of design, price and performance spectrums are handled with a team of experts within our firm.

The Buckingham Group provides personal attention to every detail of the job. Once the project starts, instructions to tradesmen and suppliers are provided by our dedicated job site supervisors and or through our Project Management System. We understand that communication is a key element to an outstanding remodeling experience. Consequently, we provide our clients with two convenient ways to effectively follow the course of construction, either by contact with our job site supervisors or through the use of our Project Management System, available via Internet 24 hours per day.

If questions need to be answered or decisions made, our clients only have to contact one source, The Buckingham Group.

Defined Scope of Work

Through every step of the design and construction process we rely upon a systematic approach to achieving your objectives. The foundation of our method is to carefully document the details of the existing structure and to review our client’s needs through the use of comprehensive questionnaires and interviews. This information, becomes a roadmap for our in-house team. They use it to calculate how to get your project completed in the most cost and time effective manner.

Our clients are carefully guided through the process of material selection in an effort to introduce them to the best value that will achieve their objectives. Once the client is satisfied, we develop a fixed cost using our proprietary estimating system. We simultaneously create a set of layman oriented specifications that clearly defines the scope of work.

The combination of detailed drawings and specifications provide our clients with a package of information that is more comprehensive than any other firm in the Tulsa Market. As a result, the scope of work for your project is clearly defined before the job starts.

Fixed Price

It’s the only way we do business.

We supply detailed specifications and a fixed price contract that clearly defines the scope of work for your remodel. We know that a comprehensive description will help eliminate surprises and misunderstandings later in the building process.

The fixed price model aids our clients in the areas of critical decision making and budgeting.

Value Engineering

More for your remodeling investment

Value engineering can lower remodeling costs, but more importantly, we feel it helps our clients evaluate needs and wants related to cost. We maximize your investment by directing you to the best value for your remodeling dollar.

Project Management

Respect for our clients and their environment

The Buckingham Group’s on-site work is scheduled and completed with the least possible disruption to the family’s routine and home activities. Special attention to job site preparation is made through the use of our comprehensive dust control and floor protection plan. We leave the job site broom clean and secure it at the end of each workday so that your home is safe and protected. Upon job completion we provide a final clean up and make the job site move in ready.

We staff our jobs with an on-site Project Manager who coordinates and optimizes all activities through the use of the Buildertrend® construction management system. Cloud-based, it is an efficient way for clients to communicate with the team, archive documents and measure progress.

Quality Control

We know quality control inside and out.

We guarantee our quality and keep our commitments through our proprietary quality control program and our detailed written specifications. Cumulatively they are our client’s insurance policy that their remodel will be done properly and without any change in project content. To achieve these milestones, we staff every job with a seasoned group of quality oriented craftsmen whose high degree of competence is enhanced by their interpersonal skills. No other firm surpasses our workmanship or dedication to excellence.

The fixed price model aids our clients in the areas of critical decision making and budgeting.

Peace of Mind

When the remodel begins, our experienced and carefully screened job site managers are intimately involved in all job related activities to guarantee your peace of mind during the construction phase.

Your peace of mind does not end with job completion. We offer responsive customer service not only during the job but after the job is completed. We warrant all of our workmanship for three years and call all clients every six months during the warranty period to correct any quality issues that may have occurred. We also assist in the satisfaction of manufacturers warranties during their entire warranty coverage period.

For an outstanding remodeling experience, that focuses on your personal happiness and project satisfaction you have come to the right firm.

Client Testimonials

Project: Complete Home Remodel

“As impressed as we were with the design of the remodel, we were equally impressed with the execution on the plan by all of your employees and subcontractors. The care and consideration your employees showed throughout the construction in not only their workmanship, but also in small details such as cleaning up the job site every night, allowed us to live through the remodel with far less disruption given the scope and scale of the project than we ever imagined. Though our older home threw us a few surprises along the way, you, your employees and subcontractors adapted, performed quality work and produced an end product we will be proud of for many years to come.”   – Gerry & Betsy

Project: Basement Remodel

“Thank you for a job well done on our basement renovation. You took an 85 year old finished basement that was horribly compromised by leaking walls and converted it into an attractive and comfortable living space. You delivered quality contractors and employees, retrofitted and updated the infrastructure and replicated the original moldings. What could have been a nightmare for us was, all in all, a pleasant experience. We congratulate you for not only delivering as promised but for the design and restoration work that was done.” – Dick & Janetta

Project: Kitchen Remodel

“The Buckingham Group designed a new kitchen and family room for our home. Although we were impressed with the details of the presentation that was made during our initial meeting we were amazed at how they reconfigured the floor space to create both a highly functional and architecturally pleasing kitchen. As an accomplished cook, Ed Kaplan brings not only expertise in design and construction to the table, but the ability to create a kitchen that works. The features that he incorporated into our kitchen make cooking a pleasure. Friends and family have all commented that our kitchen is one of the most beautiful and functional they have ever seen.” – Kenneth

Project: Kitchen Remodel

“All of the employees from The Buckingham Group as well as the subcontractors exhibited not only respect for our home but a high degree of technical competency. As a result, everything was done in a meticulous fashion and great care taken to make the process as easy and painless for us as possible. Everyone who knew our kitchen from before and has seen it after completion has raved about what a wonderful job Ed did. Our only wish is that we should have had Ed do this years earlier so we would have had even more time to enjoy the wonderful finished product.” – Norm & Dana

Project: Historic Restoration

“Our home was constructed in 1928 and after 84 years the front porch was not only showing its age, but in desperate need of repair. The Buckingham Group restored the porch in all of its intricate details. You carefully removed and identified all of the original components and then rebuilt it using all of the materials specified in the original drawings. The attention to detail exhibited by your staff is outstanding. The carpenters on the job were a pleasure to work with.” – Dick & Janetta

Project: Complete Home Remodel

“Please allow me to recommend The Buckingham Group for renovation of your home. I am actually a second generation Buckingham client and have lived with their quality and creativity for approximately twenty years. The Buckingham Group remodeled my childhood home, the subsequent empty-nest condo of my parents (and almost immediately had to retrofit it for two grandchildren), and recently completed a thorough remodel of my home.”  – James & Rebecca

Project: 2nd Level Bed & Bath Addition

“The addition which you added to my residence has been a pleasure to the entire family. It was my intention to write earlier, but being a great procrastinator, I always put things off until tomorrow. Just a short note to express how pleased and satisfied I am with the work done. You stayed within your promised time period, and maintained a work area that was clean and presentable for us to live in. Your subcontractors and company employees were a pleasure to deal with.”  – Danny & Susie

Project: Kitchen Remodel

“Once again you succeeded in the remodel of our new home on Louisville in a way that exemplifies your professionalism. As you know this is the third home you have remodeled for us and we would not think of using anyone other than Buckingham. Your professionalism, the work ethics of Buckingham employees both in the office and field, and the quality of your subcontractors is exceptional.”  – Danny & Susie

Project: Media Room

“As a result of that initial contact The Buckingham Group has, over the last ten years, completed twenty projects on our home. They have ranged from simple maintenance issues to complete design build projects. Throughout this time frame the quality of their workmanship, their creativity, attention to detail, their knowledge base and their level of service have been beyond reproach. We know that independent of our needs, when it comes to the modifications and or maintenance of our home we can count on this firm to treat us fairly and expeditiously. We highly recommend The Buckingham Group for your remodeling requirements.”  – Kenneth

Project: Game Room Addition

“The Buckingham Group employees are skilled professionals who take pride in a job well done, as can be seen in the beautiful execution of our game room and breakfast nook. The quality of the workmanship and attention to detail are unparalleled. The addition fits in so well with the original design of the house that it doesn’t look like an “add-on”. In fact we feel that the design and flow of our house has been greatly improved by the new addition. We will enjoy our lovely new rooms for years to come, and we highly recommend Ed Kaplan and The Buckingham Group without reservation.”  – Frank & Tonya

Project: Kitchen Remodel

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for both the service you provided and for the quality of work that went into the renovation of my kitchen. Your expertise and assistance in helping me decide on particular design details and features produced exactly the kitchen I wanted. Your project manager and personnel who worked on the job were courteous and always available to answer my questions and move the subcontractors along to meet my completion deadline. I look forward to the bathroom renovation.”  – Dick & Janetta

Project: Kitchen Remodel

“When we started this project, we had only the vague idea that we wanted a larger kitchen and better flow for entertaining in the downstairs living area, as well as additional upstairs space for exercise and work. From this list of “wants” and through our meetings with you, you came to understand our lifestyle, our needs and how we really used our home. You were then able to conceive and execute a plan that not only included all of our desired elements, but did so in such a way as to maintain the character of our home.”  – Gerry & Betsy

Project: Bathroom Remodel

“The initial designs were right on target. They fulfilled our stated requirements, as they were not only pleasing to the eye, but exhibited a high level of functionality as well. The Buckingham Group created a comprehensive set of specifications that outlined the complete project in infinite detail. We were given options on a variety of product choices and provided with the information needed for both value analysis and ultimately our decision making.”  – Kenneth

Project: Kitchen Remodel

“Your attention to planning detail and knowledge of the practical do’s and don’ts during a remodel made our construction experience predictable and dare I say fun at times. Your years of experience and knowledge of how the process flows made it easier for us to understand the construction process during each phase. Finally, and most importantly your compassion for our feelings during the entire process and sensible approach to the real difficulties of trying to remodel a home and live a normal life were the most important contributors to our project’s success.”  – Mark & Beth

Project: Complete Home Remodel

“When construction started both The Buckingham Group’s staff and a carefully selected group of subcontractors carried out the work process in a systematic and well-planned manner. The design and details that went into the construction of the stairway were amazing. The entire stairway was fabricated offsite, delivered to the job site and fit into place like a custom glove on a hand. It added an architectural element to what had previously been a nondescript entry foyer.”  – Kenneth

Project: Kitchen Remodel

“Your planning was meticulous and ultimately resulted in a kitchen that was exactly what we envisioned. It was also a pleasure getting to know your courteous and professional craftsman. Their attention to detail was exceptional, and their willingness to promptly address any question or concern that arose, gives us the confidence to undertake further remodeling projects in our home.”  – Todd & Nora

Project: Outdoor Living

“From the early planning stage through final execution and completion, you, your employees and subcontractors truly transformed our vague vision into a beautiful and functional home. Our satisfaction with not only the end product, but the methodical process that brought us to this point speaks well of you and your company. We would assuredly use you again for any future remodel project.”  – Gerry & Betsy

Project: Exterior Transformation

“Just writing to thank you for the outstanding transformation that you and your team designed for the front elevation of our home. The changes made are wonderful: we hardly recognize it as the place that we have lived in for so many years. The neighbors all stop to tell us what a great improvement it is. I would also like to commend all of the people who worked on this project. They were not only skilled in their specialties, but also very pleasant to have around. They cleaned up after themselves every evening and tried to make every accommodation they could to keep from inconveniencing us. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone planning any kind of a remodeling job, and we will certainly be back in touch with any future projects.”  – L.J. & Tony

Project: Complete Home Remodel

“We entered into an agreement with The Buckingham Group for a whole house design build remodel on our 1980’s home. As part of this project, the exterior of the home was redesigned and renovated. New Pella Windows cast stone embellishments, courtyards and a new entrance were added to the exterior, while copper dormers were added to the roof. During the course of construction, we were impressed with not only the architectural enhancements incorporated, but with both the quality of their workmanship and the way they orchestrated the delivery of the custom components from their Dallas suppliers.”  – Kenneth

Project: Kitchen Remodel

“One of the major assets of The Buckingham Group is Ed Kaplan. My husband and I have actually joked that if we were to divorce we would have to list Ed as a marital asset and fight over him. In all seriousness, rarely have I met an individual whose wealth of knowledge, integrity and high standards equal that of Ed Kaplan. He raises the bar for his profession.”  – James & Rebecca

Our Remodeling Portfolio

A must see, these pages contain the popular “before & after” photos along with categorized examples of our design remodel work. For your convenience, we have individually captioned the pictures with useful information such as project objectives, material resources and selectived brands and models installed.

As it has been said, “The proof is in the pudding.”

3-Year Workmanship Warranty

We stand behind our work with an industry-leading warranty.

We want you to enjoy your new remodel for years to come. That’s why, at The Buckingham Group, we rely on proven engineering practices and top quality materials on every project. And, our outstanding craftsmen are among the best in the industry. 

Warranty issues come up very rarely because we do remodeling right in the first place; down to the smallest detail. For more than 40 years, we have done the right things on the front end, throughout the construction phases and after the project is completed.

We are pleased to provide the highest standard of home remodeling protection in the Greater Tulsa area.

Ed Kaplan’s Academic and Personal Achievements

Awards | Professional Associations | Accomodations and Acknowledgements

Bachelor of Science Plastic Engineering, University of Massachusetts at Lowell
Master of Science Plastic Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology
Plastics Institute of America, Fellow at Stevens Institute
Publisher of 35 Articles on Home Remodeling
Awarded Two US Patents

National Association of Home Builders
Remodeler of the Month 2015

Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist

Kohler National
Bathroom Design Contest Winner

Tulsa Executives Association

National Kitchen & Bath Association

Best of Houzz Service 2015-2021
7 Consecutive Years

Author of City of Tulsa
Historic Preservation Ordinance 
Past Chairman of City of Tulsa’s
Historic Preservation Commission

Tulsa Home Builders Association
• Tulsa Remodeler of the Year 2011
• Tulsa Remodeler of the Year 2017
• 2 Years Publicly Voted Best
  Remodeled Home 
• Member Board of Directors
• President of Builders Remodelers  
  Council 1987, 1996, 2017

Tulsa Historical Society

National Trust for Historic Preservation

National Ornamental Metals Assoc.
Stairway Design Winner

Community Service

The Buckingham Group is actively involved in the Tulsa community.

Through our in-kind contributions, we are pleased to have supported the charitable organizations listed below: